New case the solution?

I recently moved, and my new computer room is much warmer than my old basement. This is causing my CPU to get much hotter while playing Q3, UT etc... I am considering buying a new case with much improved airflow (Antec 1080). My current case was a bargain basement one I grabbed off the site I bought the majority of my compnents from. I currently have one intake and exhaust fan rigged up, but the airflow is pitiful. I also have concerns about the PSU as whenever I run programs (draw from the PSU) I can hear the whine of my fans drop in pitch! So the Antec PSU would be a nice upgrade as well. I appreciated all thoughts and opinions. Thanks!

AMD XP 1900+
Asus A7V 266-E
IBM Deskstar 60 GXP (keeping fingers crossed)
512 MB PC 2100
GeForce 3 Ti 200

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  1. A new case and PSU would solve the brownout on those fans under load. That new case would also make it easier to to ventalate. A friend of mine has the 1060. Good case. If you want to spend the $$$ go ahead. Otherwise we here at THGC can help you convert your existing case.

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  2. Thanks for the reply,,,do you really thing the Antec cases are overpriced? I think for a nice mid tower and quality 430W PSU that 140 is quite reasonable. Does anyone else think these cases are too expensive? Should I look at different brands? Thanks!

  3. No... you definatly get what you pay for. That is a good case. That is a great case for now and down the road. You will keep long after you replace every single component inide your case. Their PSU's are top shelf. Antec and Enermax are the cream of the crop.

    <b>"Sometimes you can't hear me because I'm talking in parenthesis" - Steven Wright</b> :lol:
  4. It's just that most of the do it yourselfers here are seeing $40-60 savings in piece meeling the thing together. For example: crappy full tower case + crappy power supply = ~$30, 450W enermax =~$65. For that you have something almost as good/maybe better for less cost.

    PS I don't know where Tom (of Tom's) buys his crummy cases, but I can stand on top of all of my 20 dollar cases, no problem, and I'm a fairly hefty dude.
  5. I see what you mean...crappy full tower + good PSU would probably save me some money, but I've been putting up with crappy cases throughout my entire computing life. I'm tired of cutting myself on edges, or having to force motherboards in because the standoffs aren't "just right". As long as i'm not going totally overboard on cost, I will gladly pay a bit extra for a case that will keep the stress levels down!

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