Huge problem, really need help!

I didn't know what to name the thread, because i have no idea what the problem is.. :(

For a week, i`ve been getting a BSOD right before the welcome screen. and it usually happens like this:
I boot the PC > BSOD and restart > PC runs fine.
If i shut it down, it happens all over again.. The error in the BSOD has something to do with nv"something".sys. probably the display driver

Since that BSOD problem started, i had this other problem where games are horribly stuttering (both sound and fps) when i run them,
but then they run fine after restarting the PC.
However, starting yesterday, the stuttering stayed even after restarting, it just won`t go away.. :(

The sound doesn`t stutter only during gameplay, it does that also during the intro movies, and even the windows welcome screen!

Also, while playing a video on wmp (or any media player), both video and sound stutters whenever i refresh the desktop. (it also happens with mp3s)

GPU and CPU temps are fine.

I tried reinstalling windows, but it didn`t fix it.. I even got a BSOD during it. (after one of the installation restarts)

My rig is:
Q6600 G0 @2.4
Gigabyte P35-DS3L
XFX 9800GTX+ 512MB
Windows 7 X64
everything is at stock speed.

I`ve been googling this for hours now, and i got nothing.. so any help would be really appreciated. :)
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  1. Does it start OK in safe mode? If it does Try reinstalling or updating your video drivers
  2. What about running a System Restore from a date before the problems started happening to see if that helps?
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