All time best NFS Game?

I know this question has been asked before. But I couldn't find a very good answer.

What is the best NFS Game? In terms of gameplay, realism and features/cars.

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  1. I'm tempted to say Need for Speed Undercover.. It had almost everything: good gameplay, many game modes, car performance/visual tuning. The only thing it lacked was graphics. They stank consoles.
  2. Need for Speed Most Wanted. Loved that game of course graphics isn't that really great but it was best overall for me.
  3. NFS the RUN is very intersting in graphic,story.I think it is the best part that i have playedand one thing now upcoming part is very boring bcoz criterian give it Burnout paradise look
  4. i would say most wanted as well
  5. Most Wanted (the original one) had kicka** graphics and gameplay for the time!

    The Run was the next best one for me.....mainly due to the graphics! The story was too short and the lack of tuning (like in MW) was a bummer though! Plus, I would have much preferred having a car of my own choosing irrespective of the tier system like they follow in The Run.

    I'm desperately looking forward to the upcoming Most Wanted! Irrespective of whether criterion's giving it the 'burnout look', the few trailers I've seen are mind blowing! If you liked The Run, you wouldn't be too bothered with the cut scenes in MW2012.

    Plus, it brings back open world driving, which for me is WOOOOHOOOO!!!! :D
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    Gameplay/Story: Most Wanted
    Car modification: Porsche Unleashed
    Graphics: Hot Pursuit (the recent one)
  7. underground!
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  9. Thanks everyone for the answers! They were all good but Thornyjohny nailed it perfectly.
  10. i think the most wanted,carbon and underground 2 are best.. i still play them on my old pc...
  11. Not only in Need for speed series but most wanted was the best ever racing game in terms of story,pursuit and graphics according to that time. I even play it today . After that i liked need for speed hot pursuit 2 & need for speed 2010 . It was a nice game . I also liked underground 2 as it was the first nfs game to feature a city and free roam. Shift 1 & 2 are particularly simulation game that are hard to play on keyboard or other devices other than steering wheel. I faced a lot of problem while playing it but it has the best graphics in need for speed series other than most wanted 2012. I didnt liked carbon and undercover even a bit . Need for speed world is another best game of nfs series . It brings the tracks from all the need for speed games , have a great graphics and its free of cost from need for speed . Its online. I have not yet played need for speed the run so i cannot say anything about it. Need for speed most wanted 2012 was weak in story and gameplay as compared to need for speed most wanted 2005. I cannot say anything about need for speed 1,2&3 as they were simply racing games .
  12. HMm, i dont agree at all with your best answer.
    Tunning wise it was underground 2
    Realism wise (in car controls) was porshe unleashed
    Graphics wise... very hard to say, but i enjoyed the looks of carbon the most since it made me feel at home.
    Story wise.... (its a game about cars... what story?! Its not like you are looking for baldurs gate or mass effect here :D).
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