Where should I drill in my case?

When I take the side of my case off the temp literally drops 4 degrees... with the front off my temp drops another degree. I've tried drilling the front out and I have no more room for vent holes.

I just bought 3 panasonic panaflo fans now that push out 40CFM - the first I am installing in the front to suck air in, the second in the back to push air out.

I noticed Milenko said to push more air in than you do out to raise the pressure, but I have no other places to mount a fan in the front.

My original plan was to mount a blowhole on top, but should I instead make this a "suckhole" or should I drill a hole in the side of the case for a fan... or would this cause too much turbulence?

I guess I'm looking for the best remaing option - any help would be appreciated.
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  1. i made a 120 mm blowhole in the top of my case and turned all the fans to blow in. my temps are lower with the case all buttoned up.

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  2. You could think about punching a hole in the side that would be inline with the CPU HSF. This would have the fan blow air straight into the HSF which in turn cools the HS and CPU. I have done this and noticed excellent temps under load. Also, this is the only extra fan I've installed. The other fans are part of my PSU. So, it's either this idea or the one you thought of, make a blow hole in the top of your case and have it suck air out (since heat rises).


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  3. I would put one directly below the CPU blowing toward the video card.

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  4. that is where my 120 is...and it is so large, that it even blows air on the cpu and KINDA on the ram.
    as for the 120 on the top of the case, you should have that blowing out, as heat rises, and you would want to vent the heat out the top, as that is where it should collect.
    but hey, if it works...then it works :wink:


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  5. Ignore the Re:....

    Heat does rise up, but it also depends on the ammount of the air your fans circulate in the case. At high volumes heat doesn't have a chance to rise anywhere, it just get blown out of the case. Like my case, the case is ice cold on the top, sides, back.... when running all my fans. Even when runing them at half speed, but I bet the top of the case would be a tad warmer if I would turn off all the fans except the PS fans.

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