Is gta 4 run on my laptop

i have acer aspire 5542 and processor is amd athlon II*2 m300 and ati redeon 4200 hd
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  1. It's quite doubtful that it may run on your Laptop at a decent framerate considering GTA 4 is CPU intensive and prefers medium range graphic's card. Plus the game is poorly coded.
  2. Definitely not, you have a low end laptop CPU and integrated graphics. As said above GTA IV is a badly coded game, thus it is a very demanding title. Even midrange desktop systems built four years after the game came out can struggle with it at times. Only higher end gaming laptops really have a shot at running GTA IV well, and your laptop is not one of those.
  3. My $1300 gaming PC can't handle it very well. It's terribly coded. My sister's laptop with comparable specs to yours gets like 5 FPS.
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