Can it run BF3 smoothly with everything at the highest? And is it at least a lit

Planned setup:

Windows 7 64bit
i5 3570k
Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 670
Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3
Asrock Intel Z77 Extreme 4
Corsair TX 750m V2(is the HX 850 more worth it?)
120GB Corsair Force 3 SATA 3 SSD
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  1. that should run it on max settings fine, im running a phenom II X4 with a HD6950 and can run no problem on max
  2. I agree. The i5 is more than enough power, and the gtx 670 should have just more than enough gpu power. Are you gaming at 1080p?

    You dont need 850 watts of power. You actually probably dont need more than 650, but its always good to have headroom to overclock or go SLI.
  3. Thanks for replying! BTW, I may be getting a new monitor too, cause the max resolution in this one is 1360x768(is max res determined by monitor size or GPU? Cause I have a really old one)
  4. Its determined by the no of pixels in the monitor which tends to be higher on larger screens but not always.
  5. Resolution relies on both GPU and monitor.

    Your monitor has a 'native resolution' - this is the resolution your monitor was designed to work at. Generally the larger the monitor the high the resolution but you need to check this.

    GPUs also have upper limits of resolution. I believe the GTx670 has an upper limit of 2560x1600.
  6. I currently have a FX550, whats the highest resolution on that? And my Monitor is widescreen, not sure of the size though.
  7. To your original question:

    It depends on what you think 'smoothly' is.

    If its above 30fps 100% of the time - then yes.

    If its above 60fps 100% of the time - then no.

    A GTX 670 will play BF3 on ultra with 4xMSAA fine, but it wont stay above the magic 60fps all the time, you'll find yourself dipping to 45-50fps in some places.

    In order to do that, play on High with 4xMSAA.
  8. Well, can you educate me on the setting on BF3 PC, and what is resource hogging, and what isn't? I use to play on the PS3, so i'm not that good about options in PC games.
  9. Best answer
    There are several different Graphical presets - Low, Medium, High, Ultra and Custom.

    This article tells you about the different presets and shows you what they look like:

    The two most demanding graphical settings are:

    1) Anti-aliasing Deferred - Disabled/2xMSAA/4xMSAA

    2) Ambient Occlusion - Disabled/SSAO/HBAO

    4xMSAA will pretty much cut your framerate down by a 1/3rd, but will make the game look so much better as it eliminates all the the jagged edges and moving pixels you see on the edge of straight textures.

    HBAO is the most resource heavy Ambient Occlusion setting. It adds a new level of shadows to the scene, usually where two objects meet and adds a good amount of depth to the scene.

    I advise using the Custom preset, setting everything to High and enabling 4xMSAA and SSAO, and using 16x Anisotropic Filtering - this should give you a great looking game whilst staying above 60fps 95%+ of the time.
  10. FX550? Do you mean GTX 550 Ti? if so 1680 x 1050.

    I don't think you'll get such great performance with this card in BF3 though.
  11. *Geforce FX 5500, the one with 200+ MB VRAM lol
  12. Wow.. a FX 5500 to a GTX 670, quite the upgrade!
  13. haha, ya that is a big jump, i remember going from my old FX5200 to the GTX260 when it came out
  14. So, its the HBAO that significantly decreases frame rates in Ultra? BTW, the other settings such as shadow quality and stuff, if set to ultra, do they hog a lot more resources?
  15. Besides from the GPU, I'll be upgrading from a Celeron D too....
  16. WeiJin said:
    So, its the HBAO that significantly decreases frame rates in Ultra? BTW, the other settings such as shadow quality and stuff, if set to ultra, do they hog a lot more resources?

    Pretty much. The other settings on their own wont hurt too much if turned to Ultra, but collectively they will.
  17. Hmm, okay then, so how much FPS do you normally get in large maps? Preferably with lots of action in front of you?
  18. Dont even worry about it. Larger servers with more players require more cpu power, and lots of graphics effects like explosions, fire, and flying dirt require more gpu power, but you have both of your bases covered. Actually, you have your bases covered...alot. You have picked yourself out two very strong components that will not disappoint. Just throw them on a motherboard and enjoy the game! ;-)
  19. You will find FPS dips on certain maps, regardless of player count.

    Culprits include - Caspian Border, Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsular an any of the Close Quarters map pack.

    If you use my settings, expect 60fps almost all the time, but on the above maps, you may find areas in them where you drop anywhere between 2-8fps.
  20. noise said:
    FX550? Do you mean GTX 550 Ti? if so 1680 x 1050.

    I don't think you'll get such great performance with this card in BF3 though.

    According to this techsheet:

    It's 2048x1536.
  21. What resolution do you guys recommend, so that i will have a better constant FPS?
  22. 1920x1080 is the norm today. You should buy a monitor with that resolution.
  23. +1 ^
  24. Best answer selected by WeiJin.
  25. Which monitors would you guys recommend for me? All monitors kinda look the same too me lol! I'm really bad at monitors, I don't even know my monitor size, but I'm assuming it can't support 1080 resolution, but its widescreen......
  26. Okay, one more question, does a gaming mouse really have a big effect on gameplay? I know they have super high sensitivities, but I could just increase my mouse sensitivity, and save my money on the mouse, can I?
  27. Many people will say 'yes it matters' and many would so 'no, it doesnt'.

    The thing with gaming mice is not sensitivity, but DPI - which stands for 'Dots Per Inch'.

    The higher DPI the mouse can reach, the more precise you can be with it, which is why some FPS gamers will tell you it matters - which is true, but I personally dont find it to be crucial.

    Its kind of like the Magnification and Resolution argument - If you have a microscope with 10x zoom (representing mouse sensitivity) but a poor resolution (representing DPI) your not going to get a clear picture. But if you have a microscope with 10x zoom, but also a high resolution, your going to get a clearer picture.

    There are other arguments to get a gaming spec mouse though, and these are the mor important ones in my eyes;

    1) Comfort - you can get ergonomically designed mice that fit your hand and grip style perfectly

    2) Extra buttons - many gaming mice come with extra buttons on them, allowing you to map key strokes to them. This could be the difference between swinging your knife first or getting off a grenade quickly, as the buttons would be right next to your thumb.

    3) Other features - such as sensitivity buttons, a nice look, an unlocking scroll wheel, or even in some cases adjustable weight.

    All in all, a gaming mouse is well worth a purchase for several reasons and not for high DPI alone.

    Hope this helps :)
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