Is my pc any good?

So I bought some parts for a new PC so please tel me if I will have any problems running the newer games like : Sleeping Dogs, Darksiders 2, Max Payne 3

The Specs are :
CPU: Intel G620 2.60ghz dual-core
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GT 630
OS: Windows 8
Hard Space: 100GB
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  1. I'd up the GPU to a 660Ti for gaming. The CPU is relatively slow, but it has been used as the basis of a gaming system before (with a good GPU, that's essential to make it viable). I'm guessing that's an SSD if it's won't be able to get a huge number of games on it, but you can also buy a spindle-based drive for relatively cheap later on.

    Make sure you get a good PSU...don't get a cheap one, it can take out your whole system. Also, Windows 8? I'd respectfully suggest Windows 7 for the time can be upgraded to W8 later if it turns out to be good, and W7 is fine for gaming anyway.
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