Should I make the switch to PC Gaming?

I have a general question about PC gaming. I currently play games on Xbox 360. However, I'm really starting to notice how much developers are constrained by the platform and just how much better PC games are graphically.

My question is does anyone reserve their PC for single player games only and use their console for multiplayer games? There's no doubt that console has a much larger player base for multiplayer games. I would be using the PC as a more powerful Xbox for single player games. I'll be using my wired Xbox controller with the PC. I'm looking to play games such as GTA IV, GTA V, Assassin's Creed 3, Bioshock Infinite, and Sleeping Dogs. Worth it?

Thanks for any advice.
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  1. Yes, of course it's worth it. It's a whole different world of gaming. Once you feel the taste of PC gaming, you will never want to come back to XBOX again.

    About the player base on PC - it might be smaller, but it will not affect you personally (it's not like there are queues for multiplayer games!).

    Lastly, remember that the games you wrote are console ports. Those are considered mediocre games for PC. There are much better games than that on PC platform - ones that were development mainly for PC, like Battlefield 3, Witcher/Witcher 2, Crysis 1, Crysis Warhead, etc ;).
  2. I was once a console gamer as well, but I have made the switch to PC and am not going back to console again. The only worry you will have with PC's is the fried motherboard/video card. But a decent motherboard is not all that expensive, around the same price as buying a new console ($300 for a Asus Rampage IV Extreme, one of the best Mobo out there). And as long as you have decent cooling and do not use obscene overclocking speeds/changing voltage, the video card should be the least of your worry's. So do I think changing to PC is worth it? Absolutely YES! You'll be doing yourself a big favor by switching to PC. One last thing is if you do decide to switch to PC and custom build your own computer, make sure to look into the parts you are putting in, make sure everything is perfect (best performance, while being the least hard hitting on your wallet etc.)

    Good luck!
  3. i was a console gamer a year and a half ago, and now i use my ps3 for bluerays thats it, pc gaming is so much better imo, you can get great mods for games, mod some features yourself like field of view, much better graphics depending on how much money you want to spend. And the best reason......RTS games!
  4. :bounce: I was never a console bunny, but I did enjoy the odd Gears of War and so on Xbox360.

    But my PC and me has grown into each other over the years...
    ....a machine you can save your life on, create things, use as a TV (and you decide what you want to watch not according to some stupid schedule), have the WWW at your fingertips, play Strategy games which is terrible/non-existent on consoles, have a keyboard to type faster, a mouse to make motion precision, not paying huge subscription fees for online gaming, or the prices of console games are madness compared to PC versions, being able to burn dvd's/cd's without console limitation, being able to upgrade, if the dvd drive breaks easily get a new one, Why pay so many $$$ for a 250GB xbox hdd, when PC hdd's are in the TB's? Writing your own software and apps, and have a million free email accounts?

    And at the end of the day being able to be on this forum chatting 'bout customizing , OC'ing, tweaking, troubleshooting, and discussions like this one ^^

    Welcome to the PC community....! So... when is the next LAN-Party ?
  5. I wasn't much of a console gamer since I only had the Wii and the games on it weren't that great. I built myself a PC earlier this year as a birthday present to myself and to use it to play Diablo 3. I have since found my love for gaming again. The best part is, you can usually get games for less than retail compared of the console version.
  6. Oh ya how could i forget! with steam you can buy games for next to nothing sometimes, i bought max payne 3 this summer for 30 bucks on steam
  7. Yeah PC gaming is brilliant! I've been a console gamer for most of my life but built my first gaming PC last year, and all I can say is that if it wasn't for exclusives like Red Dead Redemption and Forza 4 and playing multiplayer games with friends, my Xbox would be in the loft right now.
  8. Well, if you want an objective opinion on console vs. PC this certainly isn't the place to get it. That said, I'd agree with pretty much everything others have said here. PC gaming (imho) blows console gaming out of the water in just about every aspect. Graphics are better, you have control over your hardware (building a cool system can be half the fun if you really get into it), games are generally cheaper, and having the keyboard for communication (even if you continue to play with a controller) is excellent.
    The community for online PC gaming isn't actually bad, the only downside I see is that you have to worry about mods (personal preference really) and cheaters with hacks. For the most part though, things are fine, and as someone already pointed out- less people means not having to wait in annoying queues.
  9. Why not play both I do, I like my XBOX for games like FIFA and my PC for games like DayZ, I will say games are cheaper on the PC sometimes over £10.
  10. I play CoD on Xbox 360 because all my friends play it, and there is like 1000x the people. Other than that, I get all my games for PC. I think it's worth it. The graphical change is amazing when you first start.
  11. so what pc specs you will prefer for modern games..??
  12. dude i never was i console gamer. I started gaming a 1 year ago and i was going to get a ps3 but when i saw how terrible the graphics on the consoles are i just decided to build a gaming rig. you should do the same save the xbox for the console exclusives and play the pc you wont regret it!
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