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Does guild wars2 have better graphics then 1

wondering what guild wars 2 is like are the graphics good? is it worth shelling out 59bucks wish there was a way i could test it out but dont think ther is. anyone with experience here? iss the graphics much better

also how is the looting? is it like city of heroes where you get what the computer gives you or is it like wow and the team leader decided who gets what? cant stand the way wow has there drops set up
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    GW2 graphics are definitely better than GW1. I mean you can google the multitude of videos and screenshots, there isn't much else I can add to that story. Actually, the only thing is the style is very colorful, so if you prefer a noir or darkly art style you might not like the graphics of this game.

    The looting is instanced. Meaning you get your own drops (generated by server), everybody else gets their own drops. Other people don't even know what drops you got. The resource mining nodes (for crafting) are also instanced, so if you see somebody run up to a tree to chop it down, don't be discouraged, you can still chop that tree yourself.
  2. think a radeon 7770 would max this game out on high settings or would i need somthin bigger? prolly gettin a 7850 anyway lol nvm toms got an article on it lol
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