New pc for son, can he play skyrim on it?

hp p62136
6 ram 500g hd
AMD A6-3620 APU with Radeon HD graphics 2.2 ghz

? he is also interested in diablo... would that work?
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  1. Not at the maximum settings, no.

    For Skyrim, on low you should be fine.

    I assume you mean Diablo III. I think low or medium would be OK.

    It's not a very powerful APU. If you added in a discrete GPU for like $60 the performance would be much better.
  2. I'd step up to the A8 APU, i think they're somewhere like $20 to $40 more but you get faster graphics, and a faster core clock with an unlocked multiplier if you decide to go with a discrete GPU.
  3. How much are you paying for it? It generally wouldn't be a good gaming system at all. At similar price you could get much better one, because APUs are generally expensive for their performance when it comes to gaming.
  4. Is it a laptop?
  5. its bought already by my husband, meant for school work for my 5th grader but he'd like to play these games if we can do a simple upgrade, it is a desktop computer
  6. not sure I understand what adding a discrete GPU means - does that mean just something added in to boost performance? we would do that
  7. I see this for $60 on Amazon -- does this replace or add to what is already in the computer? would this be sufficient?

    Force3D AMD ATI radeon HD 6450 2Gb DDR3 HDMI DVI VGA video graphics card PCI express pcie x16 HD 1080P windows 7/vista/XP
  8. No it's not sufficient and it's terribly overpriced. For that price you can get a much more powerful card. Like 3-4 times more powerful:

    Also, could you take some picture of inside the PC when the side is taken off? There are few different versions of the card, and I'm sure you want to get a compatible one :). Upload the pictures to

    I'd need to see whole case for its size and the power supply info, which is a label on a box that looks like this:
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