Diablo 3 bad performance with gtx 660m

I bought a new laptop yesterday and I assumed that it could run D3 with 60FPS+ since my desktop could run max settings with gtx 560. After installing the D3, the performance is horrible. In Tritsam, the FPS drops to 30-35 or even worse......

Is it my laptop fault or the game fault?
Any answer is appreciated.
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  1. Hello? Anyone here?
  2. What settings are you running on? Do you realize that your GTX 560 is about twice as strong as your laptop card?
  3. 1920x1080,all max settings except AA.
  4. I suppose your card isn't strong enough for that. I'd suggest reducing settings.
  5. emm...... Which one should I reduce?
  6. I'd start with Shadows, and if that doesn't help, go for physics.
  7. Wait, I forgot to disable the SSAO on Nvidia Control Panel. Now I can play with 50-60+FPS. How silly I am...... Anyway, thanks for your help, Sunius. :D
  8. No problem :D glad you solved it!
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