Problems with latest World of Warcraft patch...

Hi guys. I'm having a strange issue with the latest World of Warcraft patch (5.0.4.) released last tuesday. I tried posting this on the official WoW forums, but my thread was swallowed and disappeared off the main page within 10 minutes!

So I thought Id come here, since you guys seem to really know your stuff.

First, the basics. My rig consists of:

Windows Vista Home Premium SP2
Intel Core i7 CPU 920@2.67 ghz
6.0GB ram
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 285 (dont know the exact driver, but i updated it probably in march this year)

Now, the issue:

Ever since the patch, when I try to tweak my system settings Im running into a really annoying issue.

I used to run everything at ULTRA settings (with the exception of shadows, because that seems to be a real drain for some reason).

Well, ever since the patch, now when I choose ULTRA, it sets my multisampling (Anti-aliasing) all the way down to 1x. It used to be 4x or 8x.

For those of you unfamiliar with what AA is, it basically smoothes edges out so they look better, rather than getting the dreaded "jaggies".

As long as I have water, sunshafts, or SSAO (not sure what that last one actually is) set to high or ultra, I HAVE to put AA at 1x. The options for 2x,4x, and 8x become grayed out and cannot be selected. I also get a message that says something to the effect of "some options are unavailable while sun shafts, liquid, are set to high".

So basically now I have to choose between shitty looking water and lighting effects, or shitty looking everything else.

I talked to my cousin, and he said hes not having this issue, although he uses an ATi video card.

If anyone has any idea whats going on, or is having a similar issue Id love to hear from you.

If any of this is unclear please let me know so I can try to clarify. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Firstly, SSAO stands for Screen Space Ambient Occlusion. It adds a higher level of shadowing to the scene in areas that are not directly affected by a light source, it is most noticeable in areas where objects or angles meet, such as along a curb, under a bench, where grass touches the ground etc

    Heres a comparison in Skyrim:,r:4,s:28,i:18&tx=109&ty=31

    Anyway, the reason you have settings greyed out is because your hardware cannot handle them.

    With the latest patch, the game engine has been upgraded and so requires more powerful hardware than its predecessor.

    Unfortunately you have to now choose one setting or the other, or upgrade your system.
  2. I see. Thank you for reply.

    So, just so I'm perfectly clear, this is happening because my hardware is no longer sufficient to run everything at ultra because of some new additions to the WoW engine?

    Were these game engine additions "behind the scenes" , so to speak? The reason I ask is because, as I stated in my original post, prior to this patch, I had all these settings running at max (including water, sunshafts, and the anti-aliasing) so I know for a fact that those game engine features ran just fine. I got over 60FPS in all but the most hectic scenarios also, so it's not like I was just barely making it before) I was fairly familiar with the graphical settings, and I knew what I did and didnt have turned on, and at what level. The one exception to that is SSAO. That didnt seem familiar, so that one might be new.

    So if I know I could run them before, that leads me to believe that there are other graphical additions which I have no control over which are now suddenly making my hardware obsolete. Am I understanding this correct?

    My GeForce GTX285 is starting to show its age. Would upgrading to, say a GTX570 allow me to resume running everything at ultra?

    Thanks again.
  3. Yes, most changes have been implemented directly into the engine and players have no control over them - for example the lighting system has been entirely revamped.

    SSAO is the only new option that you can change.

    Yes, a GTX 570 would do the job just fine.
  4. *UPDATE*

    Turns out there is a second page to the graphics settings I was not aware of. There is now an option to switch between DX9 and DX11.

    My gfx card is not DX11 compliant, but for some reason it was being set to DX11 anyway. I switched it back to DX9 and things seem to be back to normal (for me). I appreciate your help though!
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    Ah right, thats great then, I didnt realise your card was only DX10 capable - so in a way, my advice was correct but theres a way to get round it, every body wins! haha

    Dont forget to select a 'best answer' so this thread is marked as 'Solved' :)
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