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Whats up all. I am still in the developing stages for my proposed comp. I have an extra couple hundred bucks I can put into my system and i would like to overclock and make an excellent gaming system. Previously I had decided to go with a XP 2100+ because of money issues. But I have decided to research an intel based system such as the 2.26b with 533 front side bus. How much would I be able to overclock this if I used a sub $100.00 cooling fan? Also would DDR memory be better or would the RDRAM be better for this setup? I will want to run a raid array with western digital drives. i will buy a Geforce 4MX or whatever to hold me over until the NV30 comes out. I heard that 3Dfx would play a large part in this video card. I will have an audigy gamer, lite-on cdrw, and a DVD-ROM. All this will be run on Win XP with promedia 4.1 sound system and a Kingwin KT-436 case. My max budget is around 1800 or maybe even 2000. Any suggestions for an excellent gaming machine that will be able to overclock and gain hella performance.


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  1. Well here's a possible setup.

    1. P4 2.26GHz - RETAIL - $289
    2. 2*Samsung 256MB PC800 NonECC RAMBUS RDRAM RIMM - 2*83= $166.
    3. GA-8IHXP 850E Chipset, Ultra ATA 133 RAID, Creative Audio, Lan, USB 2.0 ATX - Retail - $189
    4. Kingwin All Alumium 13-Bay Mid tower case KT-436 Silver with Clear Acrylic Panel - $150
    5. Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Xgamer - $84
    6. Klipsch Promedia 4.1 THX Certified 400W 5-Piece Speaker System - $249
    7. MAXTOR 60GB 7200RPM Model # 6L060J3 -D740X - $91
    8. Lite On 40X12X48 CDRW Model: RTL40125S-Retail - $72
    9. LITE-ON LTD-163 16X DVD ROM Drive - Retail - $40
    10. SONY 1.44MB 3.5 INCH INTERNAL FDD DRIVE - $8
    11. GAINWARD/CARDEXPERT GeForce 4 Ti 4200, 3.5ns, 64MB DDR - $164
    12. Logitech Cordless Freedom Optical Keyboard and Mouse Black/Silver Bundle Retail - $79
    Total: $1866.

    The PC800 RDRAM should go to PC1066 no problem and that GigaByte mobo may not be the best choice. I couldn't find another mobo that supported 533MHz FSB/RDRAM and RAID all in one. That 2.26GHz P4 should go to at least 2.7GHz maybe even to 2.8 with a 166/666MHz FSB.

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  2. If you like overclocking the P4 1.6A will do around 2400MHz, the P4 1.8A will do around 2600MHz.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  3. Yeah thats a sweet setup. I already have a monitor. Its a viewsonic 17 inch. So I could probably use the extra cash to upgrade some stuff. The mobo is pretty sweet, I was thinking of leaning toward DDR RAM, I think that it is cheaper and I may be able to find a better mobo. RAID is also not required I just heard that it was faster. Thanx alot for your help, you guys know alot more than me about all this stuff. Most of the stuff that you researched is the stuff that i am getting with my comp. I am a novice overclocker so I will have to be careful so I dont fry my whole computer, I just want to be able to save about a thousand bucks and get similar perfomance to other high end comps. Do any of you have a overclocked pentium 4b system and if so what kind of mobo are you using and would a 430 watt power supply be enough to handle the load? Because I am going on vacation at the end of june I will be building this in August so hopefully I will be able to get good deals by then. Sorry, one more question guys. I read reviews and stuff and I think that if I read them right then Rambus at 1066 is faster than 400 mhrz DDR RAM. I just want to be sure that Rambus is faster, so is it? Thanx alot again. i will post my specs and price them out, if you know of any cheaper price please tell me.
  4. Whoops, here are my specs and stuff. They include shipping and handling.

    INTEL P4 2.26GHZ 533MHZ FSB - $259
    2*Samsung 256MB PC800 NonECC RAMBUS RDRAM RIMM - 2*83= $166.
    (Where did u find this?)
    The mobo is the only thing im not sure about ~ $180.00
    Kingwin All Alumium 13-Bay Mid tower case KT-436 Silver with Clear Acrylic Panel - $160
    Enermax EG465P-VE Fan Control 431 Watt ATX Power Supply - $85.00
    Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audigy Xgamer - $89.00
    2*DiamondMaxPlus D740X 40GB (Ultra ATA/133, 7200 RPM) - $150.00
    Klipsch Promedia 4.1 - $269.00
    Lite On 40X12X48 CDRW Model: RTL40125S - $77.00
    LITE-ON LTD-163 16X DVD ROM Drive - $54.00
    Logitech Cordless Mouse and Keyboard - $78.00
    (This is just until the NV30 comes out)
    NV30 ~ $350.00

    All this is about $1621.00 and then the NV30 will make it $1971. I noticed that u had lower prices in some areas, are my prices ok or are there better places besides pricewatch (used with resellerratings) or pricegrabber? I do not know very much about the 850E chipset and pricegrabber did not have the gigabyte mobo. Overall, in any of your opinions what is the best mobo for overclocking a pentium 4b system?

    Sorry about having so many questions, I just want to be thorough with my research. I can still switch off of RAID and get DDR memory if there is a mobo that can overclock more adequately.

    Thanks alot guys.
  5. I guess that is a good overclock but would the fsb be able to go up to 533, wouldnt this make it alot faster if the cpu had a 533 fsb? If it could that cpu would be alot cheaper.
  6. Let me explain-the P4 1.6A at 2400MHz is the "600FSB", which is 150MHz using QDR. The 1.8A at 2400MHz is "533FSB" using 133MHz at QDR. The 1.8A at 2700MHz is "600FSB", or 150MHz using QDR. So in all cases the CPU has at least 533 fsb. It's called overclocking, since the stock speed was 400 fsb.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  7. Ok i get it now. Sorry my first time building an overclockable computer and an intel based computer. So with any processor I go with I will be able to get a great overclock with just a fan, hopefully. So what kind of motherboard would I have to use to get these wicked overclocks? Chuck said the gigabyte wasn't the best motherboard but there has to be other ones. I will find one tomorrow after I take my stupid finals.

    Thanks alot for your patience and help.
  8. I don't know about Chuck, but I'm considering the Gigabyte GA-8IHXP for myself because it has the best feature set. The Iwill P4R533-N is easy to overclock.

    The chances of getting a 1.8A to at least 2.4B speed is close to 100%. The chances of getting a 2.0A to 2666MHz using standard cooling at no more than 1.85v are not as good. In fact, the 2.0A doesn't overclock any better than the 1.8A. So the 1.8A is your best bet.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  9. The GigaByte mobo was the only one that had all the stuff you originally wanted. I could have put in a much "better" mobo. I also totally for got about a PSU. A 430W would be more than sufficient. That 64MB GF2 SDR is really gonna hold you bakc, and NV30 won't be out for I'd say 4 months after you build that system. With some high quality PC800-40, you shoud be able to take a 1.8 to at least 2.4. That's 133MHz FSB and that PC800 RDRAM would become PC1066. RDRAM and DDR400 are the only 2 choices that bring out the full potential of the P4. If you got either a 1.8A or a 2A, you could go for a Abit TH7II for $117. I've heard many great things about that mobo. Even FatBurger uses one. I got all the prices from newegg.com.

    My firewall tastes like burning. :eek:
  10. Alright all that sounds good. I will most likely go with the 2.26b because I am a novice overclocker and i want to get the hang of it and still get good performance. I was also really impressed at how much better these pentium 4's overclock than the XP's.

    Thanks abunch for your help.
  11. Oh dont worry about forgetting a power supply. You have no idea how much u helped me out. Yeah I do know the Geforce 2 MX will really hold me back. I may get a R300 instead, it comes out in Aug or Sept and the NV30 comes out in Oct or Nov. I just want to be able to run the upcoming games really well, like Counter Strike CZ, Doom III, Warcraft 3, and any of the others that come out. If a overclocked leadtek card could handle the load I may just buy one of those.

    Thanks again.
  12. The 3 motherboards that I found that had the best reviews were the Asus P4T-E, the Abit TH7II-RAID and the Gigabyte GA-8IHXP. So now all I have to do is find out which one is the best one. Maybe someone has one of these mobos.
  13. The Gigabyte GA-8IHXP appears to be the best, still waiting on a review to show me what the max core voltage adjustment for a Northwood on this board is, as well as the max bus speed.

    What's the frequency, Kenneth?
  14. Well if you're gonna get a P4 533FSB, you should get a mobo that supports that. The Abit TH7II does not. I only put it there cause if you got a 2A or a 1.8A, then that would probably be the best mobo to get. Otherwise, you should look at the GigaByte one again.

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  15. Yeah I did research on all the mobo's and the one that looked the best was the gigabyte mobo. I looked at the asus and the iwill. They had no USB2.0 and didnt have all the stuff I wanted. Hopefully it has good overclocking abilities and stuff. I cant find any reviews on it. I will probably just get the leadtek Ti-4400 and overclock it, I dont really want to wait to get a new video card. I also checked out DDR Chipsets but the PC-2700 was just to slow when compared to the RAMBUS. Hopefully I will be able to get about 350 fps in quake 3 and over 100 in other quake 3 based games.
    Thats about all I need I guess.
    Thanks alot
  16. Good luck, hopefully you'll have no problems. :smile:

    My firewall tastes like burning. :eek:
  17. Hey I know that you were worried about being a novice overclocker, but I just put together my system with the 1.6A and a p4t533-c. With one setting in the BIOS, I overclocked to 2133MHZ. Then with another, I set the memory to run at 1066MHZ. I got the pc800 128mb kingston value ram. Works great. I think that these are just good chips man you can't hurt em. You should really go for the 1.8A and save your bucks. You won't be sorry. Also if you are interested in raid, you can wait maybe a few days/weeks for the p4t533. Asus has the specs on their website, and I'll bet its going to be more stable than the gigabyte. They(gigabyte)are using ICH4 for the southbridge, so they had to tweak the board from Intels specs. Sort of voltage overclock for the southbridge. Also RAID performance is pretty good, but remember that the next upgrade to the disk subsystem for most of us will be serial ATA and that will kick raid butt so you could get buy ;) with one of those juicy drives from WD that have a 8mb cache. Tom's has good articles on RAID 0/1 and the WD drive. I hear that the 120 is the way to go. Save money rather than have to get 2 drives. Good luck man.
  18. If you plab on doin any oc'n on a board with 533fsb and pc800 PUT PC1066 IN IT!!!! That way you don't have to worry about toasting some good Rambus, which doesn't like to be overclocked anyway.

    How did I get here???
  19. Yeah, thanx alot for your input. I want to be able to get speeds up to 2.6 or 2.7 with around 600 fsb. Thats the main reason im going with a 2.26. The asus mobo does sound great. I will be building all this in august after i get back from vacation. So prices will go down and I will be able to get some better stuff. Hopefully the R300 is out in august, than i will get it, if not a leadtek will do fine though.

    Thanx alot for your input.
  20. Where did u hear that rambus doesnt like to be overclocked. I heard from lots of guys that it is easy and stable to overclock. If it does get warm I will get heatsinks on them. I just dont have the money to buy 512 MB of PC1066.
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