Faster Fans Sucking or Blowing?

While putting togther the order for my new Antec 1080B I want to buy two more fans to throw into the two empty slots up front. Now my question is, should I put the higher cfm fans in the front (sucking air in) or in the back (pushing air out). I would at first think that the faster ones should be in back pushing the hot air out. What do ya'll think? Also, does anyone have any expirience with the Antec variable rate fans? Good/Bad? Thanks

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  1. i would say the faster fans sucking air out. air will find its own way in.

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  2. I get a really good look at case airflow managment look at this thread.
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  3. slower sucking+ faster blowing defitnitly

    but aint sucking and blowing the same thing? hehehe if you know what i mean :p
  4. I have a casing with places to hold 4 (80*80mm) fans for intake n 2 (80*80mm) fans for out-take... what brand of fans do u guys recommend? Or is it better to put a large (160*160mm) fan for intake(do they have in the market, 160*160mm?) or 4 (80*80mm) which config is better?
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