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hiiiii Guys
Can u suggest me some air fighting games air combat game with good graphics and controlls
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  1. HAWX 1 & 2
    The IL-2 Sturmovik Series
    Microsoft Combat Flight Simulator - Battle for Europe (This is an old one)
    Do you have a joystick? You need one to properly play combat flight sims.
  2. HAWX 1 and 2 are a must. Especially if you have joystick + a microphone with which you can give voice commands ;)
  3. Wings of Prey - affordable and underrated
    new game called Damage Inc supposedly arcadey but still it's there to be played.
  4. If you don't mind trying space combat, give this one a go:

    It's a Wing Commander game based on the Freespace 2 engine. It's also free, which is a pretty good deal in my book.
  5. There is this Blazing Angels a WW2 air combat.
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