Which are good sandbox games?

Except: elder scrolls, gta, assassins creed, prototype, just cause, sleeping dogs, spiderman, red faction, saints row, mafia, godfather, far cry.
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  1. Minecraft, Terraria.

    P. S. none of the games you have mentioned are sandbox games...
  2. Sandbox game is where you can do whatever you want.
  3. And have no plot :P.
  4. Any other game?
  5. I think he means like "open world".

    You pretty much listed all the good ones.

    Fallout 3/NV play almost exactly like TES but in the future.
  6. I have it.
  7. Mount and blade
    ,it might not be your thing but it is very good and has huge multiplayer 100vs100
  8. Played it but thanks.
  9. Sims 3
    Cities XL
    Second Life
    X3 Reunion / Terran Conflict
  10. What about Arma II: Dayz?
    Can i run it on
    Nvidia 9600 gt 512 mb
    2gb ram
    Intel dual core 2.6ghz
    Windows xp sp3
  11. you will really struggle arma 2 is very demanding
  13. Deus Ex HR or GOTY (still amazing gameplay)
  14. i recommend STALKER
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