Skyrim and The Sims 3?

I am upgrading from a single core Amd Athlon LE-1640. To a AMD Athlon II X2 240 2.8 dual core cpu because it is the only thing I can afford right now and if I didn't get it now I probably when never have gotten enough money for another chance at it again. I played Sims 3 and skyrim on that LE-1640 2.7 single core processor. I wanted to know what fps would they run at now with these specs now. I haven't gotten the processor yet its coming in the mail soon. I just wanted to know if it would be better with these specs?

AMD Athlon II X2 240 (Dual core)

How would the sims 3 run? what fps and settings? (usually play on high not max Fps is usually around 17 it usually gets to 30 once in a while x_x!
Also what fps would skyrim and settings (usually play on high but its laggy max fps on single core is 32) and what fps would it run with the dual core?
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  1. Not sure how demanding is Sims 3 but id figure it would work nicely on high settings (never played it im just speculating but you will see). As for Skyrim it could play on high also i think (depends on advanced settings like AA and V-Sync). You will just have to see and test it out by yourself ;)
  2. heh, remember playing sims 3 on an athlon 64 x2 6000 with 2gb of ram & an ati 3850. it ran just fine @ 1680x1050. about the same level of gpu power as you will be using, and you will have a ig avantage on cpu & ram. only thing that ever used to bug me about it was having to force vsync on - no in game vsync setting.
  3. I play at 1024x720. I'm guessing the 240 is better then the x2 6000? well thats good ^_^ I hope sims 3 will be smooth cuz with the single core I have now I wanna shoot the screen because its unbearable.

    What fps would sims 3 be? :33?

    and how would skyrim work?
  4. Its had to tell fps, you can't just calculate it :D. Should be working fine one way or another. Same goes with Skyrim. Try it on medium and if it works really smooth, try it on high. But ultra will bi out of reach for you ;)
    Try Sims3 on high since its not SO graphically advanced game. If stutters too much, just lover it a bit till you get a perfect FPS ;)
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