Problem with Tosiba 46" true flat Starcraft 2

Hello I am using a Toshiba 46" True flat television. I have my resolution set to 1280x720. During the games I cannot see my minerals at the top. I have tried putting it into window full screen and windowed move but the game acts real weird in window mode is there a simple way for me to fix this?
PS. If it makes a difference I am currently using a Raedon HD 6450 but next week I will be upgrading to a GTX 260
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  1. does your screen fit fine on the desktop? i know with my 6950 having it plugged in to my TV i have to fiddle with the settings the first time in catalyst to fit the screen properly, i think the settings in overlay.

    perhapes lowering the overlay to shrink the screen a bit may work.
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