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Hi, i am trying to do a clean install on my window xp 32 bit to window 7 64 bit. do i need to back up all my data into an external hard drive or can i just pop in the cd and install it right away? also if i do have to back up data can u recommend me some cheap external hard drive where i can move my files to them.thx
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  1. no.
    you have to back-up your data. no upgrade option for that, only full-install.
  2. what happen if i don't back up the data?will i have to reinstall everything like printer,router , and other things? also can u link me a external hard drive that around like 20-60 price range
  3. for one, windows should be able to install all of that for you if you choose not to back-up anything and perform full install.
    windows 7 installer with an active internet connection to find files is great at installing devices.
    then what the installer doesn't get or update, windows updates will find and install the rest..
    question, how much RAM do you have if going from 32-bit to 64-bit.?
    i ask because if you only have 4GB and not planning on getting more than you might think about staying on 32-bit.
    if you have less than 4GB then I suggest you also stay with 32-bit.
    external hdd for your price range, I'll have to look.
  4. I agree with malmental - if you don't have more than 4GB of RAM, then stay with 32bit Windows because a fresh install will being you'll have to reinstall all the programs and software over again and can take some time.

    Re: External hard drive
    - My recommendation is to get one that is 2.5" because it's USB POWERED. It's more expensive than the larger 3.5" external hard drives, but the 3.5" ones need USB as well as external power source which is a pain. You're best to get a 2.5" USB powered external hard drive as it's more convenient - just plug in USB cable and you're ready to go rather than having to carry a larger drive, USB cable as well as a power cable. If you lose the darn thing, good luck trying to find a replacement too! Sorry to carry on abit on that topic........ :)
  5. can u link some that will work?
  6. hey i found this one Western Digital Elements 120GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive WDBAAR1200ABK-NESN.will this be ok?
  7. seems good.
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