MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk problem?


first off srry for my english im dutch.

my problem is that i have recently bought a msi gtx 560 ti hawk,
because i thought it would be a good upgrade from my old 9500 gt,
but now i see that when running mw2 (yeah i know its abit old)
and max out everything i get around 30 - 40 fps with allot of laggspikes.
but bulletstorm can be run on everything maxed out.
also crysis 2 cant be played even on ultra without vsync and AA.

here are my system specs:
CPU: intel core pentium D 830 3,0Ghz
GPU: MSI N560GTX-Ti Hawk
PSU: be quiet straight power dual rail 500W
Motherboard: Acer G945MK
Ram: 2gb running on DDR2

i have never OCed anything
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  1. you have a massive cpu bottleneck... put your old gfx back in till you can afford a decent cpu motherboard and ram...
    seriously what made you think that a 7 year old cpu could cope with a mid range/comparatively high end modern gpu.
    you will need a minimum of a core 2 duo 3.ghz and even then you will bottleneck on some games... better to get a minimum of a 2.4 core 2 quad. minimum bettter still get a z77 motherboard 4 gigs of ddr3 and a intel i3/i5 for around 400. all in...
  2. thx for the reply
    well a friend told me it was fine bcause the gpu needs a pentium 4 or higher and he said pentium 4 was worse than a pentium D but i will do what u said and get a better cpu and mobo
    cause i already have 2x 4gigs of self cooling ram for DDR3
  3. could a i3 2120 3,3Ghz not bottleneck my card cause im now not sure about everything
  4. It will not bottleneck your GPU at all. Even an AMD Athlon x3 will be enough for your video card.
  5. ok thx for your help guys
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