I'm on a budget custom build.

I need to choose between better CPU or better GPU but I still don't know because the CPU seems that it will bottleneck my GPU.

I can choose between:



AMD Phenom x4 965 with Asus Gtx550 ti 1GB

Note: It's a gaming build so I will mostly use it for gaming and sometimes recording/rendering(its not a big issue if the rendering is slow).
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  1. if you use it most for gaming you should buy the the SAPPHIRE HD7850 1GB with ATHLON II X4 651K. cpu is good enough for some rendering, but don't expect it will be fast or slow. but for gaming the cpu is good enough
  2. as rorgier has mentioned, make sure to get at least the 1GB model of 7850 since you will be playing games, and a quad athlon would do fine until you are able to get a phenom or switch to intel :P
  3. Look at the pentium G series CPUs they perform very well for the price. If you give us your budget for CPU Board and GPU we can make better recommendations. Also you are aware the CPU you mention run on different motherboards?
  4. get a 660 ti you won't regret it.
  5. I don't have a big choice between CPUs because I'm buying all the parts from the same website and I live in a small country so.. I just wanted to ask you about those 2 choices.. and Yes, I am not the biggest tech specialist but I know the basics..

    If you have any recommendations I would like to hear them..

    About the 660ti : I don't need that much power since I am on a 1360x768 monitor. And I can overclock the hd7850 to 1000 - 1050 Mhz in time if needed because I have around 250W spare since I am buying a well priced Case with 600W PSU .
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