I'm a n00b and i want to oc a p4 2.2, pls help...

Hi, im about to buy a new computer, and seems ill spend my money on this:

Mobo Abit BD7: Saw at the site its the best for overlocking
1 Samsung pc-2700 512MB dimm
and of course a P4 CPU @ 2.2Ghz 400MHz FSB

I want to oc this baby to 3Ghz, i know i have to buy the water cooler, but pls tell me some tips for overlocking, cuz im a n00b on it and i can't get any help around (I live in Mexico, so there are no nice overlockers around :/ )

Should i buy samsung or micron memory??

Would it be better if i buy a p4 @ 2.26Ghz 533MHz FSB with that same pc2700 memory and mobo??

The whole point here is overlock to 3Ghz, no more, no less
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  1. dude, I will guarantee you 1 thing on your overclocking ok?..you rsystem will ONLY last 6-12 months b4 it litterally blows up one way or another..look into that man im serious!
  2. now why would it blow up?...
    overclocking you computer will decrease its lifetime (by maybe a couple of years) but it wont blow up...unless you've been playing too much counter strike and some how strapped C4 on your computer and set it off...
    the worst case ive seen is my friends computer...where his motherboard literally melted...

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  3. well..hell I meant that in a non litteral phrase man...but technically it may even catch fire keep in mind..ALL the parts u use to overclock it MUST work 100% 24/7..you are going to waste your time and mone to monitor this...just saying why chance anything with overdoing something which Intel/AMD/Athlon computer companied know it isn't worth it for the consumer to buy something which automatically has a short life span and an array of other possibble flaws later with it
  4. Quote:
    well..hell I meant that in a non litteral phrase man...but technically it may even catch fire keep in mind

    i only questioned that because you said in the first quote:
    rsystem will ONLY last 6-12 months b4 it <b>litterally</b> blows up one way or another..look into that man im serious!

    given it's spelled incorrectly...but you did say literally...
    anyways...of course intel/amd (or any company for that matter) dont promote any sort overclocking or use of their products out of the specs.....thats why they say that they warranty will be voided if you misuse their product (by overclocking, or what have you)...
    but its his choice whether or not to overclock...but i doubt overclocking the cpu will have that much of a dramatic effect on your computer...
    and besides...if overclocking is that much of a bad thing...why do many computer enthusiasts still do it (like myself)?

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  5. so man, do i have to stick with 400MHz fsb one? or pick the 2.26GHz with 533 FSB???
  6. do what u want..but I got the cert's and tech backround to tell you anything is possibble..and dont be supprised if it last 6-12 months then you cant turn it on again
  7. And exactly what certifications and technical background do you have? I wasn't familiar the job of "Monkey Impersonator" was considered a part ot the tech industry nowadays.

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  8. Quote:
    do what u want..but I got the cert's and tech backround to tell you anything is possibble

    ok...perhaps anything is possible...but they dont occur on a day to day basis like you seem to descirbe it...i mean...how many reports of sudden system explosions have you seen on tv or on the web? most of the cases ive seen are cpus not being properly cooled and therefore getting burned up...i have read of people overvolting their cpus while overclocking and ended up tossing out the cpu because it couldnt run at stock speeds anymore...but i have yet to see a computer do what you've described...
    if people take proper precautions while overclocking...the computer will run just as good as any other computer (overclocked or not)....the only problem is that it may not last as long...but nowaydays....its rather incovenient to have a computer thats two years old...so you'll end up upgrading it and getting new parts anyways...
    and besides...if you're against overclocking...then why are you in this category of this forum?

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  9. Ok I am no expert either but since everyone else seems to be bitching I may put some points forwards so people can tell me I am wrong... thus maybe giving you more advice ?

    1: I would say go for the 2.2a at 100FSB as this way you can overclock to 133 FSB pretty easily (with suffcient cooling & a decent chip) so that way everything in the system will be running at a rate that it can hadle reasonbly comfortably. that will be 2.92GHz
    btw it will only need a further overclock too 137 to break the 3GHz barrier

    Have you even considered the RDRAM option which (in the UK anyway) is priced almost the same atm! A good board with a range of features is the Abit TH7-II and RAM from both Samsung and Kingston is able to overclock reasonably well.

    And lastly I would love to know how you fair as a friend of mine has just got a PIV 2.2 and is going to overclock it in a few weeks from now !

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  10. Quote:
    so man, do i have to stick with 400MHz fsb one? or pick the 2.26GHz with 533 FSB???

    i think you should get the following...
    P4 1.6A or 1.8A
    abit TH7-II (with or without RAID)
    samsung rdram

    set the FSB to 133 (so it'll be 533 mhz) and your cpu will be at 2.1ghz for the P4 1.6A and 2.4ghz for the P4 1.8A

    or you can stick with your original setup and get the P4 1.6A or P4 1.8A instead...but thats just my opinion...

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  11. ok ppl, lets make something clear, i dont mind about the bux, all i want is P-O-W-E-R, S-P-E-E-D, whatever you wanna call it. So all i want is ocing the p4 2.2ghz 400Mhz FSB 512 KB Cache as much as possible, i could buy the water cooling system (just a serious talk to my dad). In fact i have only $1200 in my pocket for the whole thing, and comps around here Mexico are around 2500 with a crappy p4 1.6ghz 256kb cache ROFL, so i dont see why daddy wouldnt spare some more bucks for the water cooling kit. Anyway, id also like to know how noisy is the stock fan within the retail pack and how much could i oc with it...

    stiffler, so you say rdr kingstons can hold overlocking???, why is the article in the site claiming rdrs are sensitive to oc's???

    pr487: to set the fsb to 133 is as ez as changing it withing the mobo's bios? or just go slightly step-by-step as many ppl says for oc's

    You are talking to a guy that is just about to learn to build a comp, dont expect me to be an oc guru :)
  12. the reason i keep saying 1.6A or 1.8A is cause they can overclock further with the stock fan...and the stock fan is very quiet...
    <b><font color=green>FatBurger</b></font color=green> has his P4 1.6A on the abit TH7-II w/ samsung rdram running at about 2.5ghz (155 FSB i think)...
    the P4 2.2 wont get to 133 FSB as easy as the 1.6 or 1.8...so its not really worth the cost IMO...
    anyways...samsung rdram is supposedly better at overclocking than kingston...samsung pc800 can be o/c to run at pc1066 speeds..
    as for setting the FSB in the BIOS...its exactly that...theres an option in the advanced menu tab (i think) that allows you to change the FSB from 100 to i think 200...theres a little more to it...but thats just the main part...
    hey <b><font color=green>FatBurger</b></font color=green>...maybe we should have some kind of overclocking guide in this forum?

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  13. hell yeah, the guide in the forum still talks about pentium @ 166MHz lol

    well pr497, thanks for your post, ill switch from kingston to samsung, maybe its also cheaper... And i dont plan to do such a killer oc (2.2 -> 3Ghz) for now ... :) If i can suck up a couple hundred mhz from the stock fan, i am pleased. Maybe i buy a water cooling kit when they are more stablished/cheaper, maybe in a year or by christmas
  14. Just for reference I have a P4T533-C and a 2.2A with kingston pc1066. Currently I'm unable to even get the 133 option to work because whenever I try my board would crash saying it can boot up because of cpu overclocking. I have seen people getting it work under the 133 option, but I don't know what they did. I'm open to any sugestions on what I can do to get it work.
    On a happier side I'm able to overclock my system to 2640 with the special 120/30 option on the board (1.55 volts). It runs very stable and with the stock cooler around ~40c idle and ~52c under heavy load.
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