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So, basically.. I was looking for a setup to be able to run the upcoming games on ultra graphics and full resolution, Day Z for example. I would like to be able to run that on 'Very High' and be able to stream(I am not going to stream, I just want to be ABLE to) if you have any clue for parts that I could buy and build a computer up with the parts it would be very appreciated.
The computer must not cost above $900.

(I am not from the United States, so I will not be able to buy pre-built computers from websites that don't ship to Europe (I live in sweden)

-Best Regards

Oh, and keep in mind that I would like to be able to run the game on atleast 80 FPS in heavy populated areas, 60 or 70 isn't big of a deal, being able to run both of the Crysis games too would be AMAZING.
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  1. $900 is only about 700 euros

    so you may struggle to play upcoming games on ultra--though you didnt say what resolution you game at

    plus do you have any parts to re-use or do you need everything like a case,mouse , keyboard monitor,etc
  2. I'm definately going to use my ram, I have 4GB in my current computer. I'll also be gaming at 1920x1080, mouse and keyboard is no problem. 4GB is enough to basically play any game out there, if it's not possible I'll just get myself another 4GB. I already have a monitor. I am also a bit confused on what case is prefered...
  3. Hi :)

    Sorry its just not enough money for Ultra on modern games..you will need a graphics card that cost several hundred preferably close to $600...

    For that price...medium and possibly high in some games, but you will NOT be able to max or Ultra all games...

    All the best Brett :)
  4. Well, high is also an option. I didn't say that ULTRA is a must, because ultra is basically only for people who has ALOT of money in their pockets which I don't since I am a student, high or medium is still an option. I would still like to be able to run the games on 60-70 FPS though.

    I'll look onto this thread tomorrow, hopefully there's some good news...
  5. case is down to personal choice

    some people like plain clean understated cases some like a window and leds and a more rugged look

    do you want a full size tower or a mid size ?

    ram is very cheap at the moment but unless you have a 64bit operating system you cant use over 4gb anyway

    and is your current ram ddr3?
  6. What country are you in? High settings is less than half the price of ultra.
  7. I live in Sweden, and yes I do think my ram is DDR3. If there's a way to look that up, I'd appreciate an answer.

    A case, I'd probably go full size tower. It won't really matter since the looks of the computer is just.. The looks of it :3
  8. I saw this setup on the internet
    NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 1280MB DDR5 PCI Express PCIe Dual DVI Video Card HDMI
    i7 3700k @ 4.6GHz
    3TB Seagate Barracuda
    32GB Samsung Green RAM
    Intel 520 Series 240GB SSD
    Asus Z77 Deluxe MB

    Maybe I could maybe get that? But a i7 3700k 3.5GHz and overclock it to 4.6 GHz since there are no OC'ed pcu's out there yet?

    This seems like a very good setup and an affordable one too!
    Could I get an answer on what graphics I should be playing upcoming games at?
    I would also maybe go for a GTX 560TI for the price of it, the GTX 680 is a bit too expensive for me.
    I'll also be using the same harddrive as I CURRENTLY am using, so that won't be any matter.

    -Best Regards
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