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Hey, i put togeather a computer about 10months ago, i think its running a bit hot even with the fans i have in it. Normal Desktop use the mobo is at 36c and cpu is at 46c, but when i put it to use in a game (for example Counter-Strike) after playing, mobo is at 44c and cpu gets up to 58c, and my computer is LOUD, i made a picture in paint to show my case setup. I have a 1.2ghz thunderbird, 350power supply

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1. My Power Supply, 2 fans inside
2. My rear fan blowing out
3. My Silverado cpu fan
4. My GPU fan
5. My intake fan blowing in
6. My harddrive
7. Floppy
8. harddrive bay

This is very loud, its not my cpu fan being loud, and i dont think its my 80mm case fans... i think its either my Harddrive (IBM DeskStar 60GXP 7200) or my power supply

whats making all the loudness?

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  1. Whats the ambient temperature? another intake fan on the side might help (did well for me, 3-4C drop in mobo temp)

    As for the loudness... my case is pretty loud too. it may not be just one fan that makes all the noise, but a combination of fans that causes a lot of turbulence. I doubt its the hard drive.

    If its the power supply fans, maybe you can disconnect one of them? just an idea, i've never tried that.

    sorry to hijack your thread, but on the issue of finding the noisemaker, does anyone know if you can safely unplug fans from the motherboard (those 3 pin dealies) while its still running? My exhaust fan is plugged in there.

    also, is it safe to unplug the fan over the CPU for a few seconds (enough time to spin down) or maybe just block it with a finger to stop it (maybe that'd ruin the fan)? I'd like to see if my volcano 6cu is making too much noise. btw, cpu is an XP1600+, hence my worries about stopping its fan.
  2. I just stoped the fan with my finger for a few sec, does anyone know how i can turn the RPM's of the Silverado up higher? its pluged right into my mobo right now... i think that would help my cpu a bit, the room temp is about 25c (im in a basement)

    <font color=green>I can draw tyte give me the damn crayon!</font color=green>
  3. The silverado is probably already running off the 12 volt rail, not sure you can safely get more than that. I'd just get a new HSF.
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