Max Payne 3 loading problem

When i start a game, a logo appear "Max Payne 3 And its ask for enter, when i enter its show loading . i waited 15 min but nothing saw only loading Please help
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  1. Original game?
  2. I downloaded,

    please help
  3. I used MP3_Patch_Update_1_0_0_17, Social Club v1.0.9.5 Setup, MP3_Launcher_1_13_0_0 ... loading problem fixed but Initializing problem appears

    so please help
  4. ?MP3_Patch_Update_1_0_0_17 is the patch that was released when the game was launched.Since then rockstar has released many other patches.Did you download it via digital download from Rockstar?If so,then rockstar's auto updater will patch the game to the latest version.Hope this helps.:)
  5. Max Payne 3 loading screen FIX,For all that has loading screen issues were the game just loads for ever,here is the fix that WORKED for me unlike all the other ones out there,make sure you have windows7 64bit sp1,although i dont think it makes a differance but it is a requirement for max payne,delete any other profiles for social club(C:\Users\Youre pc name\Documents\Rockstar Games\Social Club\profiles) only keep the one you use in steam(this is only if you had cracked version also installed) then last go to network and sharing center bottom right in start menu and change youre network settings from public network to home network.found that mine was on public,which is a default.tested on 3 pc's and worked for me every time,Its a firewall thing at rockstars servers,Again this is for steam version.Hope it helps :) :sol:
  6. Where did you get the game from?
  7. ^Tomshardware does not support piracy.

    If you want to play the game without facing such problems, then buy the game. Members will/should not encourage or give instructions as to how to play an illegally downloaded game.
  8. Piracy, and discussions thereof, are not welcome here.
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