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hello guys!! would you suggest me a cheap gaming pc around 300.. which can paly games like bf3 on ultra settings with 50+ fps... Many thanks :)
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  1. ok 500$
  2. 300 what? If its bars of gold you might be in luck! If its £ or $ then I think you'll need to up your budget to get that performance.
  3. how much would i pay for this pc?
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    I suggest you look at this:,review-32506.html

    You can see some performance benchmarks there for BF3 at varying resolutions.
  5. ok i am checking it...
  6. so would it give me 50+ fps..??
  7. So looking specifically at the second chart here:,review-32506-10.html

    You can see that 50+ is possible depending on your resolution. In the video you linked, the user was running similar to the 'blue' bar.
  8. ok... one more question how much would i pay for the pc in that linked video...:)
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