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Hey there... I am trying to overclock my AMD Athlon 1.4GHz CPU. I have an ECS K7VTA3 v2.0 motherboard with a newly flashed bios. I know the overclocking is very limited, but it can go to 1.575GHz. I however can only get it to go to 1.47GHz. Why is this so? I have seen other people online that have gotten it to 1.575GHz! Well, actually... mine can be set to run a 1.575GHz, but after it lists the components such as the cd-rom's and the hard drives (right before windows loading screen), the screen will just go black. I have to go back into the bios and set it to a lower setting to get my machine to boot. Whats up with this! I want to run a 1.575GHz!!! Help me out here fellas. I am running Windows XP by the way.
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  1. Well first look at what core you have. It is printed on the core. AXIA or something similar to that. This is usually what determines overclockability of a chip. Also, what kind of cooling are u using on it? How well ventelated is your case? What is the ambient temperature? 1.575GHz is very possible if you have a good core and sufficient good air cooling/ventelation. I have a 1.4tbird AXIA and it runs stable at 1600MHz. Also you should try to max the FSB as much as possible before you alter the multiplier, its been my experience that helps with heat. For example:

    146fsb * 10.5=1533MHz is cooler then
    133fsb * 11.5=1529MHz

    Heres a review of a few diff cores, there are a lot of em out there though. Just do a web search to find yours

    P4's are good to pee on.
  2. True, but ECS is notorius for having bad overclocking with it's motherboards. Yes, it would depend on his cooling and also the stepping of the core. I found it helps more to lower the multiplier, and go for high FSBs, which give the Athlon more memory bandiwith...not a huge improvement, but better than stock.

    My "old" T-bird 150Mhz FSB multiplier 10 for 1500Mhz
    My "new" Palamino 166Mhz FSB multiplier 10 for 1666Mhz

    "When there's a will, there's a way."
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