woot volcano 7's kick ass

buy volcano 7's guys it lowered my cpu temp by 20 degrees vrs my old volcano 5 of course I modded the fan so it constantly spins at 5000rpm's but anyway I reccomend them to you all!

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  1. My Volcano 7+ is on it's way, hopefully tonight, or maybe tomorrow. I just hate being last on the UPS route.
  2. I tried it on my p4 and I didn't notice more than 1C (quite setting slighly noiser than the stock hsf) difference when compared to the stock intel hsf. Also in my experience volcano 7 didn't excert enough force onto the processor to properly transfer the heat well enough. I did use some artic silver 3 to help with the conduction but there is a fundmental problem with its design for the p4. For the p4 I don't think it is worth the money.
  3. I'm with you! The heatsink is really nice. I can run the fan that comes with it at 1500 RPM and my AXP 1800+ temps only reach 51/52 C under load (45C idle)! A lot of it has to do with the nice socket on my mobo though. Some mobos have been sockets that don't create enough pressure to make full contact between the heatsink and CPU core.

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  4. 51-52C under load, with 45C IDLE?????? That's <b>incredibly</b> HOT!! You seriously need to do something about that. Running at anything above 50C for an extended period of time will decrease the lifespan of your processor. I think that you need to up the RPM's on that fan, dude!

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  5. I do know that heat can have a marked effect on the lifespan of a processor but I'm not sure if it really does or is just an old wives tale. I've had some really hot processors before that lasted for years.

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  6. Right, those were made to tolerate higher temps. Today's processors aren't made to tolerate higher temps. If you go and look at the maximum recommended temps from AMD, you'll see that (if I can remember correctly) a Tbird is 90C, and an XP is around 70C. Either way, you ALWAYS want to stay well below that, since they are the maximum operating temperatures. But, it is summer, and temps are bound to go up.

    Soyo Dragon+ Motherboard
    AMD Athlon XP 1600+ AGKGA-Y
    H20 Bong Cooled
    256MB DDR RAM
  7. Actually any temp above 0K will cause the deterioration of the silicon doping. So you suffer from the same problem he does only not as bad.

    Don't worry, no matter how well you cool your stuff, statistically you are never safe.
  8. True, but at 0K nothing happens, so it doesn't matter anyway.
    But, while he's running at 45 idle, he's practically non-overclockable, while I am. :smile:

    Soyo Dragon+ Motherboard
    AMD Athlon XP 1600+ AGKGA-Y
    H20 Bong Cooled
    256MB DDR RAM
  9. True, true. :)

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  10. What heatsink do you recommend? I just bout an Abit KX7-333R. I want a quiet and cold heatsink.
  11. Check out the SLK-800. It is the winner now.
  12. Thanks....what do you think about the Zalman CPU Cooler? From what I've read on its website, it is pretty good.
  13. The swiftek mx462 cpu is the best cooling one says tom's hardware. I am int eh process of looking for a new heatsink since my tbird keeps freezing at load duing games at 130f but when i put a hoseu fan on it it enver chashes so im going to order a swiftek.
  14. I think the Zalmans are mostly for quiet cooling, ie performs almost as well with low speed fans as high speed ones. If quiet is what you're after it may be the way to go.

    Lately I've been reading a couple of new reviews which say the SLK-800 (the brand new heatsink from thermalrite) is outperforming the MCX-462, and the PAL8045 with the same fan. I think hardocp had a good review.

    Maybe Tom needs to update his website.
  15. I don't recommend the Zalman CPU Cooler. It is designed for quiet performance, not good performance. Every review that I have read rates it's performance at medium or even lower, and it's price is near the top.

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  16. I was looking at this cooler over at <A HREF="http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=MzE3" target="_new">Hard|OCP</A>. In there comparison the Thermalright is #1, the Swiftech is #2, and the Alpha comes in #3.

    I think that that looks to be an okay cooler design. I would like to point out that the Swiftech is equiped with the Delta FFB0812SHE-F00 which is a dual blade designed, 48.5dBA, 170 gram, 68.51 CFM, 80mm^2 x 38.5mm fan. The Thermalright is using the biggest in that series of fans. It uses the FFB0812EHE-F00 which is also 170 grams, but is a 52.5 dBA and 80.16 CFM fan. (See both of those <A HREF="http://www.deltaww.com/products/dcfans/pdf/FFB808038.pdf" target="_new">Delta's here</A>.) In comparison, the Alpha 8045 used in the comparison is using the Delta AFB0812SH-F00, which is 80 grams, 80mm^2 x 25.4mm, 40 dBA, and 46.62 CFM. (See the <A HREF="http://www.deltaww.com/products/dcfans/pdf/AFB8080254.pdf" target="_new">Delta AFB0812SH-F00's stats here</A>.)

    So for comparitive purposes I will look at all of the reviews listed on <A HREF="http://thermalright.com/slk800.html" target="_new">ThermalRight's Product page</A>. I will not comment on the German one because I do not speak German.

    Looking at the DansData.Com review, look at what they said.

    "<A HREF="http://www.dansdata.com/coolercomp_p3.htm#slk800" target="_new">With the FFB0812EHE on it, the SLK-800 turned in a superlative 0.46°C/W result. That blasts this cooler into the lead for the whole Socket A/370 air cooler category, by a significant margin.

    You'd blooming well want it to be something special, though; this is a loud fan, and most people will not tolerate it.

    With a much less irritating but still quite powerful 4.3 watt 80mm Sunon fan on it (a KD1208PTBX-6A, with a 50.6 cubic feet per minute free-air flow rating), the SLK-800 managed 0.50°C/W. That's a very good figure, too, and it means that this heat sink should still qualify as a quite serious overclockers' cooler even if you put a super-low-noise thermally controlled 80mm fan on it.</A>"

    As most people know, 0.50C/W or even that "wonderful" result of 0.46C/W is not that good. The Alpha 8045 with the <A HREF="http://www.micforg.co.jp/c_pal8045e_other_fan.html" target="_new">Sanyo Denki 109R0812H402 is at 0.32-0.36C/W</A>. The Sanyo fan is 80mm^2 x 25mm, 29 dBA, and 36.4 CFM fan. (<A HREF="http://sanyodb.colle.co.jp/coolingpdf/LinkedPages/petit.pdf" target="_new">See the stats on Page 2 here</A>.)

    So you can clearly see that this is the same as the Hard|OCP review. If they used the even bigger SHE or EHE dual bladed fans they would get better comparitative results.

    As for the SystemCooling.Com review.

    "<A HREF="http://www.systemcooling.com/modules.php?name=News&file=article&sid=71" target="_new">The physical dimensions of the SLK-800 are; 87 (L) x 56.4 (W) x 48 (H) mm without a fan installed at the top the base measurements are 25 (L) x 56.4 (W) mm. The heatsink weighs in at 505 grams also without the fan. The design of the SLK-800 looks like it will fit the majority of known Socket 370/462 motherboards and I had no problems what so ever installing it. You will need a flathead screwdriver for installation.</A>"

    505 grams without the fan!!! Ouch! The Swiftech weighs 560 grams but that is secured to the motherboard using screws and not a clip like the Thermalright SLK-800. That is a lot of weight for a clip. It is a three hole clip so at least it has that going for it. However add a huge fan and the weight is now 675 grams. That is a lot of weight for a clip. I would much rather use a screw attachment method for that kind of wieght.

    So I hope that you see that both the Swiftech and this ThermalRight are really heavy and really loud. You can get similar results with the Alpha using a lower CFM fan. The Alpha is just a better C/W design.

    Back to you...

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  17. good point. the weight thing bugs me too. stupid that they didn't make it a bolt on like the swifteck and alpha are, if you asked me.

    In my instance, the weight wouldn't be as much a problem as I have the fan mounted to the side of the case, with a cardboard duct attatched to it. It ends up hovering an inch or so from the heat sink itself. So the heatsink doesn't bear the fan itself. But it still bugs me.

    Not that I plan on playing rugby with my computer. I don't want too take unecessary chances.
  18. Thanks for the replies guys. I'm looking for a heatsink with good performance and quiet. Swiftech is good but way too loud and I assume the SLK-800 is almost the same as Swiftech. I can't afford watercooler at this moment. It doesn't have to be top of the line, but something that will do a good job.
  19. Try the Thermalright AX7. Supports 80mm fans, cools great, and http://www.kdcomputers.com has it for $24. With good case airflow, that and an L1A should keep your un-OC'd system cool.
  20. The reason I like the Alpha is the fact that it is a large cooler that attaches using screws, but the most important aspect is that it cools well with lower CFM and lower dBA fans. With the Sayo Denki fan, or any generic, that 27-29 dBA and moves around 34-37 CFM you will get good results. (~0.32C/W isn't bad.) ThermalTake has a couple of really good 80mm fans. (They continue to suprise me with the products they create.) The first is the <A HREF="http://www.thermaltake.com/products/dcfan/a1214.htm" target="_new">A1214. (AKA "Smart Fan")</A> It is a variable speed, 80mm, 53 CFM max fan. The lowest setting is 46 CFM at 2900RPM. (27 dBA at 2900 rpm and 39 dBA at 5000 rpm ) The newest addition they made is the <A HREF="http://www.thermaltake.com/products/dcfan/a1357.htm" target="_new">A1357. (AKA "Smart Fan II")</A> It is also a variable speed, 80mm fan. However the top end is 75.7CFM and 48 dBA at 4800RPM and the low end is 20.55CFM and 17 dBA at 1300RPM.

    So with the first fan you can move 46CFM with 27 dBA. That moves as much air as the Delta AFB0812SH-F00 but at with ~13 dBA less. So the effective cooling should be around 0.28C/W. Very nice.

    Again, Back to you...

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  21. Well, my Volcano 7+ arrived, and some Arctic Silver 3. My CPU temp went from 53C to 37C, and then this morning it was espeacially cold in my room, and the temp dropped down to 28C (15C case temp.)

    So I am pretty happy with it, but it does weigh a ton, and as someone else found out, be carefull putting it on or you may just crack the CPU core.
  22. Nice... I envy those temps... :P

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  23. Cool. The best advice to take is... "Whatever works and makes you happy is your best solution."

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  24. the p4 is fundamently designed wrong!

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  25. use arctic silver 3 and clip of the thermistor and join the wires together. it will now spin at 5000rpms and cool the hell out of your proc not damaging the fan just creating noise. you can always replace the thermistor with sodder.

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  26. who realy keeps their proc long enough to see what happens to it over time in regards to heat. I upgrade mine at least every year after overclocking the hell out of it.

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  27. Every year sounds about right, but I just know that when I get married I will have to fake a toasted proccessor so that my wife will let me upgrade. Wonder how many times she will fall for that.

    I imagine there is a world out there somewhere that does not know hate, war, greed, or revenge, and when we find it we gonna kick its ass cause they will never expect it.
  28. The V7 looks cool but the thermister on it is a piece of [-peep-]. The V7+ is classier cause you can switch the fan speed with a wee switch that you can screw onto your case somewhere if you're cunning :)
  29. I hope that the V7 is a good heatsink, because i just ordered myself a V9 with the 75 cfm fan. The heatsink is about the same as the v7 so i hope it does perform well.
  30. hmmm the volcano 9 seems to have solved the biggest complaints we all had with the volcano 7, you can choose to go at full speed for extra cooling or speed by temp. also the temp is taken now from the cpu temp rather than the case temp. good job thermal take. the only complaint I have is that at top speed they only spin at 4800 rpm's and my volcano 7 moded spins at 5200rpms. the copper base is inserted again rather than it being flush with the aluminum.

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  31. It actually looks kinda like a rushed product, put out on the market to comply with AMD's new standards. Maybe AMD has weight requirements for heatsink certification, and Thermaltake thought that certification was better for sales even though it wasn't as good for temps? As far as I'm concerned, the Volcano 7+ is still better than the Volcano 9 in terms of cooling ability.

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  32. My 7+ runs at 7000 RPM on the highest setting, so right there it is a bit nicer, and no Thermister to mess with.
  33. I would definatly agree with that, in fact I should also say that a volcano 7 regular moded so that it always spins at max also out performs the volcano 9 with its fans at max. they fixed some problems but who knows why they rushed this thing I wonder if they will make a volcano 9+ I hope it will be better.

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  34. My V7+ is hooked up to the Tt Hardcano 3. I highly recommend buying this if you have a V7+ because it lowers your HDD temp and displays your CPU (or whatever you connect the thermister too) temp on the front of your computer...BUT the best bit is it incorporate the V7+ switch onto the front of the computer. It's a classy aluminium job and I think it's a great addition. Only fault is that it takes up a 5.25" bay. But if you have one to spare...it costs around £20/$15 i think.

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  35. haha I got an antec case and an 80mm fan is mounted in front of my deskstar so I need not a hardcano.

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  36. Okay so I got one of these MAMMATH MONSTERS and it literally sounds like an actual volcano erupting... this sucker IS LOUD! My XP is finally cool, but holy [-peep-] this freaking noise!

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  37. you must have one small shitty case and all of your pci covers off and have your ear pressed against the case lol mine's quiet and its been modded to go faster.

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  38. Well sound levels have been linked to psychological effects. For the vast majority of people, excessive background noise will increase their anxiety levels and make them less productive.

    Actually there hasn't been a single documented case of anyone who's been exposed to excess noise who doesn't suffer from an increase in stress levels. You may be the first. I know that some people like having a computer that makes some noise, myself included, just so I can know that it is on. But currently my computer is about 35dbA from 2 feet away and that's way too much for me, so I'm going to work on making it quieter through non-water cooled products.

    There are three scales to measure sound, but only two of them are relevant to most people. One is a rating of the actual noise level (dbV), and one is a rating of biologically tolerable noise levels (dbA). dbV is the actual sound level measurement of any given sound and increases incrementally. But dbA is a special measurement created specifically for human ears. In the case of dbA, a 35dbA fan running at 41dbV may sound 'better' than a 40dbA fan running at 37dbV.

    Obviously from an evolutionary standpoint, noise was given this scale to assess predators and prime the body to react to potential threats. But like most systems of the outdated human body, it has many undesirable effects in the 21st century--a surge in norepinephrine levels, excessive urination, anxiety increases, and decreases in concentration. Just like so many other things, sound is something we pay attention to for mostly biological reasons. So it is very interesting when people ask, "is the world just getting to be more and more of a lonely and dangerous place [Steven Spielberg's dark 'visionary' movies come to mind], or is the human body simply lagging behind the inevitable drive of civilization towards technological advancement and more and more memes, the building blocks of social evolution [scientists make up this crowd]?"

    It's a complicated moral debate. But whatever the correct answer may be, noise levels must be decreased. It is a public safety hazard, and OSHA already has proven that it has little to no control over the actual health of employees in office environments (it's the effects that matter, not the upholding of rigid laws), where noise has been a contributing factor to office rivalries, overall increases in stress levels, and productivity decreases. Perhaps some people may remember Andy Rooney's editorial on noise and his pleas for a "National Silence Day". While this is probably never going to be publicly recognized as a national holiday, I think we could all do well by some reduction in overall noise.

    And I wonder if in the future there will be a new class of job: Public Noise Specialist. Someone who goes from place to place and reduces noise levels for everything. The idea is not to decrease the amount of noise people make from talking to each other, playing loud rap music, or other noises that are deliberately created or appreciated. It's to reduce the noise of things that no one really wants to hear. How do we know if no one wants to hear it? The body tells us through a complex release of chemicals, and we feel the effects of this from day to day.

    But who knows, maybe overclockers come from a different gene pool? :smile:

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  39. my dear sir or maam, whichever

    my tower is right next to me, in fact my mouse is on it, sound realy doesnt bother me, I've got a logitech z-540 speaker set with four speakers right next to my head and a subwoofer under my ass, it's a cozy little nook, my bed is over head and well to get to the point, as long as I can hear my speakers noise dosent cause problems and with my speakers, its no problem. it makes my machine feel more uber, its like the thrill one gets when they're playing with an air horn, its fun. the louder it is the more air is squeezing through my case cooling my ownage parts. also I stopped reading your post as soon as I read "eveloutionary standpoint" just so you know I dont buy into that bull [-peep-]. if you want to debate I'm all for it I vote for creation though my friend and if you are intelectualy gifted like me you should also. (hmm I cant spell intelectualy lol) hard day at work, 12 hours at a damned fair, carnies realy do smell like cabbage! and every one of them smokes, I cant get the smell out of my nose, damn!

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  40. Yeah, I knew I was taking a chance when I said that. Also lots of people get bored by that.

    I'm not that up for a debate. I've participated in these evolution vs. creation debates and I've found they rest more in the universe of personal truths. Thus I hope we can respectfully disagree. Especially for the science part of it, much of the debate turns into an idealogue. Science is very arrogant and gets that arrogance because it is based on the living, physical world (and cold, hard logic). The problem is the theory of evolution lacks that living, physical world because it's based completely in the past. In the future if we achieve faster than light travel then we can truly see if evolution exists.

    My bet is that evolution and creation don't clash each other but really serve to strengthen each other. Christians rest their faith in the fact that they can see God in their world and that God exists in every living, breathing fibre of life and humanity. I believe evolution only seeks to strengthen this fact that animals and humans aren't only random accidents but that we can take great, unexplainable wonder and ignorance in them, something that scientists have never claimed to know. The moment a scientist claims that he can scientifically dispel this, he is breaking his code of ethics as a scientist.<P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by cakecake on 08/04/02 00:25 AM.</EM></FONT></P>
  41. well said! unfortunatly all the choices are based on faith of some kind, the faith that we are all random collections of matter living and spawning on some insignifigant peble floating out around in the cosmos, and the belief that we are part of someting great, a wonderfull creation of one who knows all and controls all, my good friend, if I am to have faith it shall be towards the postive one, when I die I sure hope I dont just rot. I want to party! lol we shall respectfully disagree then.

    I'll tell you what war's good for: killing bad guys. thats what!
  42. Here is a quote from HardOCP review:
    "The yet to be released Vantec TD8038H rated at 84.1 CFM was used at full power on all heatsinks."
    And by the way, the 0.46C/W thing must be a mistake. Other sites have shown results of 0.25C/W, which is a lot better.

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  43. hehehe
    Debate this comment:

    <i>"Humans are just overclocked Monkeys"</i>

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  44. Is there a way to manually set the fan at lowest speed? (2900 rpm i think) Is the auto temp control needed to be connected for the fan to run?

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  45. holy [-peep-] this thread is ancient rofl I will debate it though:
    we are like the new sledge hammers compared to the monkeys which are the old k6's rofl we are not just overclocked, we are different and MUCH better though some may argue similiar.

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  46. if you get the right sized resistor you could do it, I dont know though it takes too much math for me to figure out which one :)

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    "C'mon DM,let's see some REAL monsters!" And then you turn the corner as the Dungeon Master chuckles... DM: "It hits and... Oh hold on... I need more dice"
  47. get a rheostat... then u can have around 50% to 100% of fan speed.

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