P4 1.8A on P4S533 o/c problem...pls help....

have 1.8A on asus P4S533 with Samsung PC2700 and bios allows me to change fsb/pci up to 133/35 and cpu ratio up to 4:5. If I want to get beyond 133 the system won't start and I get a black screen...
am I doing something wrong or is this just the limitation of my componenets...
anything else I need to change in the bios to make it work @ 150/37?

Please help
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  1. What's your vcore? going to 2.4GHz and over may need you to increase vcore by a bit. Try going in little increments. The lower the vcore the better.

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  2. 2400MHz is a good speed! You will likely need higher core voltage to go much further, keep an eye on temps, etc.

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