Battlefield 3 MSAA issue..?

Hello, I am having an issue with the MSAA setting in Battlefield 3. Whenever I enable it (2x or 4x) the screen gets brighter than it should. I've tried changing my brightness setting, but it still looks way to bright. Here are screenshots to show you what I mean:



I'm not sure if this is a common issue, but I've tried googling around and have not found any solutions. I also tried re-installing my driver; it did not work.


Radeon 7950 (Catalyst 12.8)
650w psu

Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?
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  1. I've got this issue and i didn't find much about it on internet and that's how i found this post.

    i have the exact same issue with a gtx 580.
    I tried different drivers and no changes.
  2. Same issue here. Did you also install Windows 8 recently? Maybe there's the problem.
  3. Seem to be an issue with MSAA. If you turn it off it should look normal again. I have the same issue, but appareantly it's only in the campaign.
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