Why does my ps3 system shut down when I hookup my blu-ray ribbon?

Hi. I have a PS3 80gb system that I reflowed and now when I hook the blu-ray ribbon back up it shuts down the entire system. I can hook up the power to it just not the ribbon. Is the problem in the ribbon or the driver or the motherboard?
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  1. i have not had this issue after reflowing many PS3's. do you have any spare ribbon cables you can try (i know that is a stretch to ask that... but you never know). does the latch stay firmly down when you put in the ribbon cable?

    also can you eject and insert a disc while it is on without the ribbon cable.
  2. When it turns off do you try to turn it back on?

    Yes you can eject and put in discs with just the power.
  3. jay_nar2012 said:
    Yes you can eject and put in discs with just the power.

    :P i knew that, just wondering if his is not doing that, possibly a tray issue or mainboard for the drive malfunctioning

    check any traces for scratchs on the drives mainboard?
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