The Sounds Of Silence: STOP!

I am looking for 1 hour round the THG articles to find some precise PSU specs to know which power channel powers what & what are the Amps required for each main component under the case.
& i found nothing but <A HREF="" target="_new">Sound of the Silence</A>. How can i choose the right PSU in fonction of the cpu, graphics card, SCSI card, Hard Disks number, Multimedia drives number & whatsoever used in my configuration?!?

Plz, stop to talk about silence into a specialized Overclocking Site&Forum. The first purpose is to push above the edges the comp & its components. How can we do that speaking about Underclocking & Noiselessness?

hmmfff. i am annoyed@tired........

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  1. If you have several peripherals (sp?) in your case like more than one hard drive, cd/dvd/cdrw-roms, high speed CPU and graphics card, it would be best to get a 350W or higher PSU. As far as which rail powers what, I think it's 12V=fans and whole system in general, 5V=drives, and the 3.3=cpu, ram, and maybe some pci slots. It really just depends on how the motherboard is wired, but from what I understand, what I've listed is the general idea. Couldn't tell ya anything about the amps that go thru except that it is in the miliamp range.

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  2. 12-volt rail powers not only fans but drive motors. It also supplies main power for P4. 5-volt rail is for CPU, usually (some motherboards derive CPU power from +3.3 volt rail), disk drive logic boards, and motherboard logic, legacy port communications (serial and parallel ports). 3.3 volt is for SDRAM, PCI communications. However, +3.3, +5, and +12 volts are all available on PCI cards to be used as the card designers require. I'm not sure from which rail 2.5 volt DDR SDRAM gets its power derived. I'm guessing +5 volts.

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  3. I knew somebody here would have better knowledge than me. Thanx for the info. I'll have to do a copy and paste and save it for future reference.

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