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Problems With OS & Running GTA 4

My name is Roshan and i m from India. i m having problems running GTA 4 on my system.this is my new Rig.these are my specs.
CPU FX-6100
MOBO Gigabyte 880GM USB3.0
Graphics Radeon HD 4250 2 Gb (Integrated)
Ram 4 GB
OS Windows 7 32-bit (pirated version which doesnt require Serial key to install)
250 GB harddisk. samsung Optical Drive.

I can play Modern warfare 3 with playable frames and cant understand why i cant play GTA 4. Even if there's a problem with the crack can u please tell me if i could run GTA 4 on my rig on minimum settings if i bought the game.

also i m having problems with the OS. sometimes my pc works very fine but sometimes the screen freezes and i m not able to interact with the system. then i have to press Ctrl alt del and then press cancel. then i m able 2 interact with the system and then after some minutes the screen freezes again. one more thing i observed is that when i m not able to click with the mouse, the keyboard does the job from me if i press the enter button. is there a problem with the mobo or OS or is it the Mouse.
i would be very grateful if u would help me since this is my new rig. also i have an updated antivirus installed (original CD Quickheal).

does the GTA 4 Complete edition comes with all the GTA 4 games like the liberty city stories, ballad of gay tony, lost and the damned and the original GTA 4 Game.

Thank YOU.
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    We won't help with a cracked game. End of discussion.
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