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Ok, i have a computer that has a winfast motherboard in it. I changed the memory from 2 512mb or ram to 2 1gb slots of ram. And in windows 7 it only says i have one. Does anyone know why this is happening? or could anyone tell me where it says the ram in the bios to see if it recognizes both gigs in the bios?

Another problem...
As you know i have a winfast (755fxk8aa) motherboard with a onboard LAN port. Although the LAN port doesn't have any drivers attached to it. But i have the disc :D awwww the only driver that doesn't work is the LAN port :( it says that it is not detected and to verify that its there and its enabled in the bios. Ahhh theirs the problem, go into bios and it was disabled, go back into windows and try it again and it still says the same thing. What should i do??
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  1. 1. This is a very old board, the Ethernet is probably not working because the drivers are probably not compatible with Win 7.

    2. Your board supports up to 4GB RAM. Make sure the RAM is seated properly and that your BIOS is uptodate and configured properly.
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