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I have a winfast 755fxk8aa motherboard and it has a LAN port (on board) and it doesn't work. So i check and there is no driver, so i pull out the cd and the only driver that doesn't work is the LAN driver. It says that it cant find it and to check if its enabled in the bios. so i enabled it and it still is showing up the same problem, can anyone tell me what to do?

Or can someone give me a link to where the actual right driver is located so i can try that?
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  1. Its a foxconn board.

    use the search to find the driver.

  2. If you cannot find it on the foxconn website.
    You will have to open the case and read what Lan chip number the board uses.
    I can tell you it uses a realtek lan chip, you just need the number then google it.
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