Low frame rates in RAGE

Hope someone can help me on this one. I brought rage from newegg and just used the code to get it from steam since it's steam game. The game downloaded and installed and every thing but I'm getting really low frames when playing. I had every set to high with 8xAA and was getting like 40 frames while just standing still and it would drop from anywhere to 25 down to 14 or so while moving.

I figured my gpu just not strong enough to handle those settings so I begin to drop the res down and put AA down to 4x but its the same result. Dropped res down to 720p and no AA and its a little better but still only upper 20s low 30 with constant drop below that. All my other games (steam and non steam) play fine and how the improvements from my old 5770.

I just bought the gpu (7870) and got the latest driver on the amd site. Since I got the game from steam I assumed it installed any patches when it was downloading and installing. Any ideas how I can fix this?

My system
I7 920 stock at 2.67ghz
6 gigs gskill DDR3 ram at 1333
MSI Twin Frozer 7870
60 gig Corsair Force Series 3SSD
1TB WD caviar black HDD (where steam is installed)
750 gig WD caviar black HDD
Corsair 750 watt psu
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  1. What drivers are you using?
  2. I just got the card on Tuesday so whatever the latest amd drivers were at that time. Its the 12.8 drivers apparently. Also not sure if I mentioned it but im on windows 7 ultimate x64. all service packs and updates etc. are installed.
  3. Check CPU usage during lag with task manager.
  4. And do what? If its high how do I fix it? Also, As I stated I get no issues from other games.
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