Celeron 466 vs 500 PPGA

Okay guys, this is a long one...

I want to put a 2 year old Celeron 500 PGA370 CPU into a 2 year old AT Socket 370 motherboard (new-has been sitting on the shelf all this time). But the manual says that it is compatible with Celeron 370 socket CPU's from 300 to 466 so that leaves the 500 out! The board has a 66 mhz FSB which matches the spec's on both the 466 and 500 Celeron CPU's. Both CPU's have almost the same product description (integrated 128 Kb L2 cache, 32 Kbyte L1 cache, eight 64 bit wide MMX technology registers, 66 Mhz system bus) except that the 500 has SIMD which may or may not be an issue. The 500 specifies that it is based on "P6 micro architecture" whereas the 466 does not specify. As they are the same family, I assume that they are almost identical except for the multiplier.

The multiplier on the 466 Celeron is 7.0 and 7.5 on the 500. Core voltage on both is 2.0. The MB is stamped with a multiplier of 5.5 and there is nothing in the manual stating diferently. The Celerons are hard coded at their respective multipliers...this is something that I will have to research more before assembly and power up. The manual indicates the board auto-detects frequency of 66 and 100 Mhz, but then states that it is also adjustable (eg 75, 83, 100 Mhz, etc) but this is for test only and there are no guarantees on performance if you go above 66 Mhz.

Okay, now for the MB...
1. The manufacturer is "Lucky Star" and the MB manual states that is a "6V693 AT Form Factor Main Board with an Award BIOS."
3. I believe that the model number is V693A or 6VA693A.
4. VIA chipsets are "VT82C686A" and "VT82C693."
5. Tom's Hardware does not list the V693A and lists the 6VA693A but it is an ATX form factor not the AT.

Okay...lots of info and it may or may not be of help.

I emailed the US tech rep for Lucky Star and asked him, "Can I run my 500 Celeron on this board without causing any damage or should I look for a 466 Celeron CPU?"

He said, "It will only run the old Celeron CPU up to 466 Mhz."

That did not answer my question...somehow I knew that I would get a salesman's answer when I needed a tech's response. So I fired off an email to Japan asking the same questionk, but no response of late.

I was told by the dealer that sold this MB to me that it should have no problem running the Celeron 500 CPU. The worst that would happen would be a slight decrease in speed to 466 to match the max 466 recognized. Hmmmm...sounds like a little overclock would fix that problem. Besides the mismatch with the multiplier for the MB and the CPU, I have not been able to locate a ViA chipset upgrade. This box, when finished, will be used in a home network as a Win2k Pro workstation with a Win2K Adv Server and a 98 and 95 box.

So, my question is still the same...can I run the Celeron 500 on this MB without damaging either the MB or the CPU and still get acceptable performance? Or should I just take the sucker back to the dealer and tell him to keep his doorstop!!??!!??

Thanks guys.
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  1. Yes, the 500 will run on the board. The multiplier of these CPU's is locked on the processor.

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  2. Oh, you would get MUCH better performance from a Celeron 333A at 500MHz, using the 100MHz FSB and PC100 or PC133 memory. But be choosy about the memory, there is some new stuff out there with too high a density to work with older boards. Get memory that uses at least 8 chips for a 128MB module/16 chips for a 256MB module.

    <font color=blue>At least half of all problems are caused by an insufficient power supply!</font color=blue>
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