Guild Wars 2 Graphical Crashing, need help

Everytime I play Guild Wars 2 it crashes after around 30 minutes of playing and every game, and even google chrome starts getting artifacts until I restart my computer.

At first I thought my graphics card was failing, but the thing is, I don't play guild wars 2 close to the highest settings, and I play for Bf3 and skyrim for up to 5-6 hours straight if I have a ton of free time, with high/ultra settings 1920x1080p with 2x MSAA on BF3 and 8X if I remember on Skyrim. I never have any problems with those games, except driver issues occasionally.

Of course my rig can handle GW2, not a very demanding game, but that seems to be the only game my rig struggles and freezes.
All temps are fine, memtest came clean, my card is overclocked slightly but barely gets over 80c under full gaming load (considering my room usually sits around mid 70f degrees)

My rig
AMD Phenom II X4 965 @ 4.0Ghz w/ Corsair H60 Push/Pull
Wintec 4GB 1600 DDR3 RAM
MSI R6850 OC PE Cyclone Edition Core Clock @ 925MHz Memory Clock @1130 MHz
Asus M5A97 970 AM3+ Motherboard
OCZ ModXStream 600W Modular Power Supply
Seagate Barracuda 1tb 7200RPM
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  1. +1 bump.

    I have the same exact problem you do. All of my other games run perfectly fine, but GW2 just causes crazy things to happen. Sometimes the game freezes, and I have to get to the task manager to end the process. Other times, the application crashes, and I get the arenanet error message (though the latter has happened less frequently of late). In every case, though, I get those same artifacts in chrome and have to restart.

    It might be worth noting I'm also running a phenom II (955) at 4.0, but my gpu is an AMD 7850.

    Have you found a fix yet?
  2. Turn down your overclocks on your GPU for starters. Different games tolerate different maximums, and some games falter sooner than others.

    note: I'm not suggesting that your card is overheating, just that your clocks aren't stable enough @ your current voltage to keep the game from crashing.
  3. Hi, recently had somebody here note that their headset drivers were causing GW2 to crash (corsair iirc). If you have any dedicated audiocard or said peripherals that require specific audio drivers, try uninstalling those.

    except driver issues occasionally
    - that is your problem number one when it comes to GW2. if your other games are having occasional problems, GW2 is likely to have consistent problems, because it hasn't been out a month yet and until then they haven't done a whole lot of compatibility testing.
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