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can i play BF3 on ultra with a screen resolution of 1280-768? Cant seem to find a answer and.. yes it is a stupid question, thinking about building a computer later this year, and may not have the money for a new monitor i have a old monitor that has the res stated above, can you play on any game at all, at max settings with any screen resolution? not just 900 and 1050 1080p etc?
thanks for the answers i know noob question but i havnt done any PC gaming beisdes warcraft which i do not play anymore for a reason lol.
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  1. what are your specs?
  2. as stated building a computer from ground up later this year but trying to get everything picked out for when i have the money in a few months. most likly..
    asrock h75 pro3 or a asrock z77 extreme4 motherboard
    an new i3 ivy bridge cpu
    HDD from ebay to get better parts or add monitor
    20$ asus optipcal
    coolermaster haf 912 case
    a fan controller with 5 fans hooked in
    a raidmax hybrid 630SS PSU
    and probley a 7870 video card ( still debating )
    want to play all the new modern games that my really really.. old computer can't even meet one requirement. lol
    well those MAY be the specs the monitor res is stated above may not have the money right away for a new monitor but when i do i want a 1080p monitor.
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    yes you can play on ultra on x768. a 7870 should have the grunt, but may not have it for 1080p.
  4. thanks :) I just wanted to know , now i have information i need for my build i want to make, hopfully if all goes as planned i'll have it by the of the year! thanks much for your help! never really have gamed on a PC besides warcraft which i do not plan on playing again lol. so many games i want to play lol.
    thank you much kindly for answering! have a good one!
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