How do you take off used thermal tape?

I just bought a new HSF and some AS3, but I still have the thermal tape on there that came with the stock HSF. Do you take this off with acetone or rubbing alchohol like other stuff (I think)?

Also, how exactly do you use the stuff to take it off? Do you put some on a microfiber cloth and just kind of touch the cloth to the core?

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  1. Your kidding right?

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  2. check the artic silver website. It has a guide on how to remove that thermal tape from the HSF. Use 99% alcohol or acetone. Check the webbie tho.
  3. I used lighter fluid, it came off in a second. Alcohol was mushing it around taking off little at the time. Also like using lighter fluid to remove any soft glue type like what stickers leave after removing them, if it's soft it will get it off. :smile:

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  4. I think I'll stick /w the alcohol, I don't think I'd want to use lighter fluid on my cpu, even though it probably wouldn't do anything.
  5. Isopropyl alchohol, and a piece of paper towel. Get creative, you put some alchohol on the towel and you use the towel to remove your frag tape. Pretty straight forward.

    Read the instruction carefully on how to put your AS3 on. a little dab'll do ya. Remeber you are only filling the microscopic dents and imperfections in your heatsink and core. So a VERY thin coat will work, I use a razor blade to skim this coat along my core.

    I also use a sandwich bag and rub some into the bottom of my heatsink, no finger oils by using the bag.

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  6. I used Petrol on my hsf. First I tried nail varnish remover, but that didnt work well. Petrol worked a treat

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  7. Alright, thanks. After work today I got some isopropyl alcohol and acetone. Only problem is the purest I could get was 91%, everywhere else was 70%.

    Is the 91% okay or should I check around to see if some of the drug stores that weren't open today will have some?
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  9. 91% isopropyl is fine.

    Think of it like this: it's just fancy sand. There is not really much chemically that you could even do to it, even if you were trying to.

    just don't use anything too acidic, that would be bad.
  10. I use very hot water and dishwashing detergent.

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  11. I don't think it's possible to get too much purer than that. I know that for alcoholic beverages, it's completely impossible to totally seperate water from the alcohol because they have somewhat close boiling temperatures.

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  12. The best for me, takes about 30 seconds. <b>Silicone in spray</b>, you know, is the one used for the inside of the car to make the things shiny. For me is the most powerful/secure solvent.

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    There u go for that **alcohol. You can also find the stuff at medical supply type places. This stuff dries skin instantly though, so make sure you wear some ziplocks on your hands ;)

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  14. just go down to wallyworld and buy some rubbing alchohol that is sold for 89cents. It works fine, don't be so anal.

    just use a nice lint free piece of cloth and clean the damn thing. It's not as complicated as your making it.

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