Memory Ratios... I ain't worked this out yet

Ok I was wondering how Memory ratios work ?

I reecently overclocked a PC for a friend without knowning what the mem ratio's did... so I just ignored it

Its running PC800 RDRAM at 115FSB

But what does this mean the memory is running at and how do you work it out ?


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  1. Right. Can't remember all the lingo, but it's kinda like this...

    FSB = 100.
    P4 = quad bandwidth = 400
    Dual channel = 800
    Least I think so.


    133FSB = 533FSB = 1066 memory.

    On DDR systems:

    100FSB = 200MHz DDR = PC1600
    133 = 266 = PC2100
    150 = 300 = PC2400
    166 = 333 = PC2700

    The PC number equals MB/s tranfer rate.

    I just know I'm going to get flak for not explaining it correctly, but hopefully you'll get the jist.

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