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Hello everyone!
I have this Geforce 2 Titanium card(Hercules 3D Prophet II Titanium) running on my system and i was wondering how far can i go overclocking it in order to gain some more performance. To give you an idea, i'm currently scoring about ~3250 on 3DMark2001 (Defaults) and around 100 FPS on Quake3 Arena (Demo v.1.11) at 1024X768X32 with everything set to max (including sound). I've read some reviews about overclocking the specific one, the difference here is that this card is already running at 89Mhz AGP Bus speed, due to the fact that i'm running on a BX440 chipset based mobo.
So, i would like to ask if anyone had tried overclocking the core and memory speeds of that card while it was already running at 89Mhz AGP speed??? I'd find usefull any advice, experience or suggestion you may have for the specific situation.
Any help would be much appreciated.

Hercules 3D Prophet II Titanium (Geforce 2 Ti 64MB 250/400)
Seagate Baracuda IV 60GB (7200RPM)

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  1. Nice card you have there. The Geforce2 series is pretty good in terms of overclocking and speed. Alright, first off, your core is plenty high enough at 250Mhz. You can go higher, but unless your motherboard supports the PCI 1/5 and AGP 1/3 divider, you're probably going to lock up any higher than 250Mhz. Next, the Geforce2 series is highly memory bandwidth dependant. Go for as high of memory speed as you can. Yours starts out at 400Mhz, try for 500Mhz or higher. I'm not familiar with the Hercules Ti card, but if you have some decent ramsinks, you can push even for 550Mhz or so (memory). Try your memory first, and if you want to, you can oc the core, although your held back by Bx chipset...I thought it ran at a FSB of 100 anyway (unless you overclocked it).

    My old Geforce2 Pro runs at 250Mhz/520Mhz with it's stock cooling. I think it was a misshipped card though, because it's ram is significantly better than the usual 5ns ones on the Pro.

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  2. Hi, thank you for your advice. Unfortunatetly, i didn't saw any significant performance by overclocking this card! I tried o/c with memory most of the time. I stopped at 260/460 core/memory and did some benchmarks...all i got was 5 more FPS at Quake3ArenaDemo (v.1.11) at 1024X768X32 (max detail) and 50 more points at 3DMark2001 (Default). I tried also at 250/460 (Ultra settings) in case it was the core that was holding back the card (due to the 89Mhz AGP) but i got the same scores...really disappointing!!!!!I don't know if this is normal or it is a drivers thing. Did you saw a lot of performance increase after overclocking the pro?
  3. you can get pretty damned high. my old one got around 250ish core cant remember exactly but they kick serious ass. just clock it up till it dont boot then under clock it to be stable. it is nearly impossible to burn the things. if you want a serious overclock buy a crystal orb arctic silver 3 and tweak monster ram sinks. not only will it look awesome but damn will it overclock. also if neccessary you can buy a bios modifying program and actualy increase the voltage and go even higher!

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  4. Hmm....well, just by increasing ram, I scored an extra thousand or so 3D Marks, up from 4000. You should definately be getting higher than 50 more points. I don't think the core speed is a limit, although your 89Mhz FSB for the motherboard is holding you back a bit. Your memory should have a very large impact though, much larger than 50 3d marks. Check your temps, make sure your computer isn't running too hot. Btw, you can go much higher than 460 for the mem, the Gf2 Ti can handle up to 500 theoretically (I think, if it is using 4ns mem, which it should).

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  5. i use to own a Gainward GF2 Ti. and i was able to get it running at 300/500 no problem.
  6. Yeah I know, I was saying most of the Gf2 Pro's only had 5ns memory which ran only a bit over 400Mhz, where as the Gf2 Ti's have 4.5ns and 4ns memory.

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