Software to OSD Frame rate that works with LA Noire

Hi all..

I have a frame rate, may be lagging, issue with LA Noire, and I want to check my frame rate, I tried using MSI Afterburn, and FRAPS, both work with different games, but I get nothing with LA Noire.

Anyone tried any program successfully with this game?

Thank you in advance.
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  1. I did have FRAPS working with LA Noire when I played it. I don't know, maybe a patch to the game messed up the framerate counter software, I played before the patch that added DX11 support.

    The problem is that like all recent RockStar titles is it is poorly optimized. The game's framerate is also capped at 30FPS. As such, the game does feel a bit laggy as in the driving and certain outdoor sequences the framerate can spike down to 27FPS.
  2. I too posted a thread about it.Please tell me too if you find a solution.I am using MSI AfterBurner v2.2.3 and L.A.Noire v1.3 Build 2614.:(
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