Cpu runs at 100% during gaming and drops the Fps!

I have been having problems with my laptop in the recently. When i was playing Crysis 2, Skyrim and Fallout Nv the Fps would drop from 50-40 to 15-1 during time to time. I play for 1 min then the fps drops down, 10 sec afterwards it comes back up to normal and 1 min it drops again! Recently I discovered that the Cpu usage on the .exe file i was running was at around 75-100 % and when it reaches 100% it drops! I have disabled all processes i dont need and the cleaning the startup processes, and its only the game that takes up Cpu usage. I have updated to the latest Nvidia drivers and disabled AVG Av. But 2 moths ago my motherboard stoped working so i got it fixed but now i dont know what motherboard i have, so i cant update BIOS. If someone can help me find my motherboard brand (And update BIOS, if it has any chance to solve it) and hopefully fix the problem please do so, Its realy uncomfortable playing games with these drops. :cry:

Laptop Specs:
Intel Core i5 Processor 2430M 2.4GHz 3MB L3 Cache
Chipset Intel HM65
2GB DDR3 Memory
640GB SATA hard disk
NVIDIA GeForce GT 635M Graphics Optimus
Screen 15.6 "1920x1080x
Interconnection 802.11bgn wifi and Bluetooth 3.0
USB 2.0 ports, USB 3.0, HDMI, D-Sub, Audio In / out, Ethernet
Card reader
Optical Drive DVDRW
4400mAh Battery
Size (mm) 383 x 249.5 x 37.6 ~ 32.3
(Dont know which one of these is my previous motherboard, or if its on there)

Please help, Its realy annoying :(
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  1. Updating BIOS will not help. Look at processes tab of task manager to find out which process is using up the CPU.
  2. I already sayd that its the .Exe file off the game im running that uses up all my Cpu,
    Exept for Skype and Iexplorer but that only takes up 2% combined.
    I read somewere on the forum that updating BIOS could help, so are you sure that it wont help?
  3. Also it looks like it happens more often in graphical intens games like : Crysis 2, Guild wars 2, Just Cause 2. But it rearly ever happen on games like : Counter strike: Go, League of legends and Skyrim ( I have no idea why!) On these games the time for a Fps drop to appear is 30 min. (15 min for Skyrim) Hope you can help :D
  4. I suspect overheating download CPUID HWMonitor and check what the temps. reach
  5. my bet would also be overheating causing it to throttle down and therefore utilise 100%.
  6. [x] CPU overheating > throttles down > cools down > back up > heats up > overheating > throttles down ...

    Clean dust and try if one of these laptop coolers helps keeping temps down.
  7. I have tryed to open my Laptop and cleaned it from the inside but i can never get it to open up comblitly, so i can only get to my Gpu. But i will try to get to my cpu and clean it. Im going to cheack temps now then, and post them later.
  8. drop the settings down a bit, it might stabilise it, note that the gpu and cpu heatsink are typically connected, so a very hot gpu can affect the cpu temp.

    You are playing on a laptop, they are not gaming machines. the 635M is poor and should only be used on lower settings.

    Sorry if you brought this as a gaming laptop but it isn't one.
  9. This is what i got from CPUID Hardware Monitor:

    Hardware monitor ACPI
    Temperature 0 28°C (82°F) [0xBC2] (TZ00)
    Temperature 1 30°C (85°F) [0xBD6] (TZ01)
    Temperature 2 89°C (192°F) [0xE26] (THRM)

    Hardware monitor NVIDIA NVAPI
    Voltage 0 0.89 Volts [0x37A] (VIN0)
    Temperature 0 76°C (168°F) [0x4C] (TMPIN0)

    Hardware monitor Battery
    Voltage 0 11.59 Volts [0x2D45] (Current Voltage)
    Capacity 0 48840 mWh [0xBEC8] (Designed Capacity)
    Capacity 1 46698 mWh [0xB66A] (Full Charge Capacity)
    Capacity 2 32412 mWh [0x7E9C] (Current Capacity)
    Level 0 5 pc [0x5F] (Wear Level)
    Level 1 69 pc [0x45] (Charge Level)
    Temp on Cpu
    Core # 0 :83 C, 88 C MAX
    Core # 1 : 86 C, 93 C MAX
    Package : 86 C, 94 C MAX

    Package : 23.44W , 30.08W MAX
    IA Cores : 18.22W, 23.92W MAX
    GT : 0. 25W, 2.10W MAX

    Thats realy hot, isn't it?
    Is there any way to cool it down, other than cleaning it from the inside?
  10. I also noticed that the temps drops 20-10C when im not charging my Laptop, but when im not charging im only getting half of the FPS that i get when im charging.
  11. because when you are not charging it'll be running at a slower speed. Cleaning it may gain you 2-5C if it is dirty, its not the solution to an underpowered laptop. Game with all settings on low, report back. The CPU definately throttling.
  12. With the same game, or another that is less demanding? And with lower Resulution?
    (I was playing Guild Wars 2, Shadows off, High textures, full resulution and everything else on medium)
  13. same game, everything on low. my belief is that the gpu is running at 100%, the cpu is running at 100% the thermal system cannot cope, the cpu then throttles down becuase it cannot cope with as high a temp as the GPU.
  14. If you can't reach the CPU's heatsink, directly, maybe you can with one of these PC cleaning cans (they blow out air with high pressure). Or try your vacuum cleaner (same idea, but not blow the dust away, but suck it out).

    Like I said before, there are laptop coolers, that are basically a tablet with fans in it, blowing air onto the downside of the laptop. Never tried these myself, though. Should work in theory.

    Sometimes, taking out the battery helps a little bit, too.
  15. Im going to try what 13thmonkey stated. I got one of those Comprese air cans that i have used to clean my Gpu with, so i can probably use that to clean my Cpu too. Do anyone have an idea were my Cpu is located?
  16. its all under the same heatsink.
  17. yes
  18. So by cleaning my Gpu heatsink im also cleaning dust away form my Cpu?
  19. Would that mean that the Gpu and Cpu would have be at the same Temp?
  20. not really, same heat sink, connected by heat pipes, but the heat produced by one does effect the temp of the other.
  21. if your laptop is getting hotter while charging, pull the battery out and run with just AC power
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