how to attach heatsinks to graphics card ram??


I need to know what is the best way to attach heatsinks to video ram. I am busy overclocking the card. I have already fitted a fan but I am not sure how to attach the heatsinks. The heatsinks are custom made.
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  1. Since there's no where to mount them (holes, etc) To attach heatsinks to the ram you'll have to use thermal epoxy glue. Thermal epoxy glue will help conduct heat to the ramsinks, as well as harden and make the ramsinks stick. When applying the epoxy be sure to only apply to the top of the ram, and to not get epoxy on the circutry as it can cause malfunctions. I have used Artic Silver Thermal adhesive and Artic Alumina, which I recommend over the silver as Alumina is ceramic based. You can read about both epoxy at

    The best deal can be found at

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  2. Thermal paste very expensive and hard to find in south africa. Would thermal tape work?
  3. Go to that site I linked to, buy it for dirt cheap and have it shipped to you! I don't know about thermal tape, never tried it, but I guess it might work - try it out.

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  4. Thermal tape works too. I think thermal epoxy is only for if you are extremely serious about overclocking and you are using voltage mods. Of course it's better than thermal tape but it's not crucial if you can't easily get access to it.
  5. Try JB weld from an auto part store.

    I have not tried it, but have heard it works as well as the arctic silver/alumina.
  6. I have a feeling JB Weld might not have any stores in South Africa...might be wrong though...

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