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i am buying a new computer and am completely overwhelmed by what i have available. i will be playing mainly minecraft and other games that are not extremely graphics intensive. i want to be able to play minecraft on its highest settings (far render, smooth lighting, all particles...ect) and be able to host a server at the same time. i sometime play with mods and also want to be able to run SDKs shader mod which ive heard is fairly graphics intensive but not like BF3 on high settings. i will also be using it to do schoolwork (word document, powerpoint, photo, and will be using pinnacle studio 14). i might play some games like COD and BF3 but dont really need to be able to play them on high settings. i have 600$ but could go to 650$. i would prefer intel processor and watn either a dell or an HP.

Thanks for any help guys! :p
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  1. Have you thought about building your own? If so I could give you a component list for that price.
  2. No dell or HP machines will do that for that price. However, if you build your own, you can easily achieve it. Check this video:
  3. toms has a budget $500 build every month or so. i would just follow the latest build they have up,,3273.html , that will wreck minecraft.
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