Motherboard for Intel P4 1.8a

I want to assemble my own PC with P4 1.8a CPU overclocked to say 2.2-2.3 GHz...
Now which all motherbaords would people recommend (not too expensive please) and also what RAM to use. (I would like 512MB ram).
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  1. "Not Too Expensive" sounds like a cause for DDR! I recommend the Asus P4S533 board.

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  2. I just picked up an epox 4g4a+ today, got my 1.8a runnin at 2.4 as we speak. It has the 845g chipset and runs my ddr333 to.Lots of overclocking possibilities in te bios,raid, usb2.0 etc.

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  3. Abit TH7II-RAID

    It's old and disconnected(?) but I just bought it and it runs like a dream. Lots of great O/Cing features. There's no need to aim for anything lower than 2.4 because youll hit 2.4 easily with a couple of quick changes.


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