Buying a new mouse for online gaming

I want to buy a new mouse for gaming like League of Legends n all.
I have no idea which mouse to buy.
I have short listed
>> Circle CM-325
>> Lenovo M6811
>> Genius Traveler 355

The mice that I are available to buy are[]
and my budget is up to Rs. 800
Advise please
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  1. Are you looking for a mouse that will give you a great hardcore gaming experience with hours of gaming or a mouse that will be comfortable for a couple of hours of casual gaming?
  2. couple hours of casual gaming.
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    I would go with the lenono because it has no macro keys but it is a full size mouse and it have a back and forward button with is nice to have for surfing the internet.
  4. I will also go for Lenovo M6811 for your casual gaming.
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