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i play a game in windowed mode, and its minimum res is 800x600, i would like to make it smaller than this like the windows taskbar thumbnail (which does work) is their any software that can force resize applications like this, like still have it running 800x600 but a smaller window?

thanks in advance

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  1. yes, increase your screen res to make it look smaller
  2. im at max res, its ok obviously nothing out there. thanks for looking
  3. not if you are running a lcd. Otherwise like he said increase your crt's resolution. 800x600 will always be the same size on an lcd. For instance if you have a lcd with 1600 pixels high by 1200 pixels wide. and you have an 800x 600 window it will always be 1/2 of the screen. it will always be 800 by 600. If you wanted a smaller window you can; A. increase your overall resolution, or B. lower the windows resolution.
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