Deus ex DX11 stuttering


I am having problems playing Deus EX and shogun 2.

Intel i7 2600k
Gigabyte Nvidia GTX 560 ti
16gb ram
120gb ssd(30gb free)
samsung 60" plasma
asus p8z68-v pro gen3

Windows 7
windows security essentials

Problem: The game initially plays well. Within a couple of minutes fraps shows 9. If I tab in and out, it runs again. It doesn’t matter what setting a downgrade to, it continues to slow down. If I downgrade to dx9, everything is great. Trying to figure out what is wrong. Please help.
I had a problem with shogun, but a little different. With shogun, the game wouldn’t fit my screen. It didn’t matter what resolution I chose. Once again downgrading to dx9 fixed the problem.

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  1. seen a few people with nvidia 5 series cards saying they couldnt play deus ex properly on dx11 unless they upped the voltage

    on their card

    just google --deus ex dx11 voltage--and you should find results
  2. Thanks for the reply. This Hasn't fixed the problem. I had the voltage up to 1075. From what i was reading in the voltage posts, was the game was crashing. My game isnt crashing. It just slows down to annoying speed.

    Do you have any other suggestion?

    Oh, when I looked at cpuid, temperatures were normal.

  3. Thanks mcnumpty for the help. I ended up finding this forum:

    no need to reinstall, there is a very simple fix for this,
    i had the issue an this fixed it perfectly for my 670

    open regedit.

    navigate to:

    Deus Ex: HR

    and change the 0 to 1, save and close regedit.
    play deus ex hr working properly
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